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  1. Bombshell

    Yay, glad you have your tags baby! Now we need to get you a signature!!
  2. Bombshell

    Welcome, baby!! :-*
  3. Bombshell

    This is such a difficult post to write because if you've ever had a chance to play with or talk to @Kamo>XI< then you know that he is one of the sweetest, kindest, thoughtful guys in this clan and he's really hurting right now. Last night, his mother passed away. She had been in the hospital twice over the last few weeks and was experiencing disorientation, memory loss and weakened physical state but they could not identify a cause. While at home last night, she collapsed and had trouble moving. They got her up in a chair but she was not breathing well. When the ambulance left, Kamo said that they did not have the sirens on and that she was gone before they even made it to the hospital. The doctors said that her heart gave out but I don't think it's very clear yet exactly what caused everything. Kamo could really use some love and support right now so I asked him if it was alright if I posted this on the forum and he said he would appreciate that. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and support for Kamo!
  4. So glad to be back playing. How I've missed it!!

    1. 1lkysob


      welcome back!!


  5. Bombshell

  6. Game still not working. I can get on every server except the one I actually play on. FML

  7. Bombshell

    Welcome! I was born and raised in Nashville. love and miss it, go back whenever I can. Hope you enjoy our servers!
  8. I'm not lucky in technology. love or card games. Oh, well...

  9. Bombshell

    Why the hell is it in Ohio?? I want to go! September is good for me.
  10. Bombshell

    It's today, you're not late. Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone!!
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