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  1. Starfire

    RSP we had a lot of fun good time and bad. You be miss
  2. Yo Starfire! How you doing? I think your ping problem is over...you keep killing too much!


    1. Starfire


      I try to do my best.


  3. I had a one of my best day yesterday. And want to thank loader and all the people that put it together. To all members past and present Thank You Starfire.
  4. Starfire

    if you don't see me on line call yell do some thing loader and blackbart has my number call me thank you John
  5. Starfire

    I need some that knows how to fix my ping on the game ? I'm not having any trouble on my computer just when I go into the game please HELP
  6. Starfire

    If you don't like to game that's on. Sit it out go pop t and smoke one
  7. Starfire

    I would like to go back to the old but don't take out any a lot of the old ones were fun too
  8. Starfire

    Can someone help me please , when I go on the game I cant move except turning left or right will not go forward or back
  9. Starfire

    Happy B-Day
  10. Starfire

    Happy B-Day Starefire
  11. Starfire

    Happy B-Day oldman dont do anything i wouldnt do and if you name it after me best wishs STARFIRE
  12. Starfire

    vanhelsing - need you guys We just took my Dad to the Hospital He had a heart attack He needs all the prayers he can get hopefully He pulls through. Thanks My prayers go to your DAD
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