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Crysis Wars Lessons

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Crysis Wars 201

Instructor: Cygon


I have heard on a couple of occasions that some of you guysmay be interesting in taking lessons or learning some tips on how to improveyour game in Crysis.  I know Arcanage hasshown some interest in helping out with gameplay and it has been mentioned thatI could teach some strafe jumping since it is a helpful skill to be learned notonly for Crysis but for other fast paced shooters like Quake.  I've been meaning to do this for a while, so I went ahead and written up some of my advicefor general game play as well.  I’veentitled this “class” as a 200 level class because much of what I teach herewill be with the assumption that you are very familiar with Crysis wars andunderstand the basics. 


I’d like to break this up into a few lessons in order tokeep it organized, so here is a table of contents:


  1. Efficient keyboard layout, shortcuts, and mouse control
  2. Utilizing the nanosuit to its fullest
  3. Weapons and attachments
  4. Player movement and strategic use of environment
  5. Strafe vs crouch vs prone vs bunny hop
  6. Spectating and Practice
  7. Advanced techniques


I may add more as I go or change some lessons around.



1.  Efficientkeyboard layout, shortcuts, and mouse control


Key layout and mouse control are critical for success inCrysis.  The stock layout is not wellsuited to compete with the fast paced style of highly skilled players. 


-My personal keyboardlayout is as follows:

WASDare normal forward, back, leftstrafe, side strafe

Qis my strength mode shortcut

Eis USE for me becauseI’ve been using that for years and never changed, normally F would be recommendedhere

Fis Speed shortcut althoughI would recommend Efor most players

Ris Reload

Spaceis Jump

Shiftis Run

LAltis drop weapon

LCtrlis Prone

Cis set to Crouch and Armor mode shortcut. I’ll elaborate later.

Pis buy menu

Vis Change fire mode

4is buy ammo

Gis switch grenade type


-Mouse layout:

LeftClick is fire

Rightclick is nade throw

Middlemouse button is Weaponcustomization

Mousewheel up is scrollweapons

Mousewheel down is Go toAssault Weapon

Thumbbutton 1 is talk invent

Thumbbutton 2 is the Weaponspecial function (zoom, iron sight etc)

Middlebutton 1 is Weaponmelee

Middlebutton 2 is in gamechat


You will notice some odd choices here, and some of them Ihave changed during my time playing Crysis and some are things I’ve kept foryears.  The important thing is that youhave the most important functions at the keys that are easiest for you toreach.  The ones you don’t use much canbe anywhere as long as you remember where they are if you need them. 


The Crouch and Armor mode shortcut is an interestingthing.  I use a game pad and the buttonsin the hand area are limited, so I combined these two in the Actionmaps so Icould reach all of my important keys with ease. It took some getting used to, and sometimes it hurts me in a firefight,but the upsides outweigh the downsides for me. If you are interested in “double binding” I can give you instructions,however I would not recommend it unless it is absolutely necessary due to thelimitations it has on the double binded functions.


I placed the suit mode shortcuts in such prime locationsbecause of their importance in a fast paced style of play.  It is important for me to be able to pressstrength, then jump, then simultaneously switch to speed in air while holdingdown W, shift, and either A or D while moving the mouse side to side in asmooth fashion in order to properly strafe jump in some situations.  It is equally important to be able to switchback into armor mode to reduce damage in an instant. 


Some will find that it is easier to bind the suit modeshortcuts to extra mouse buttons instead of keyboard keys, and this is betterthan having the default middle mouse wheel system when strafe jumping isconcerned, and when changing suit modes during a firefight while trying to keepa good aim.  I chose to put them on thekeyboard so that I can have no interference with my aim while changing suitmodes.  It is equally important to haveno interference while strafe jumping.  Soif you choose to keep the default settings, it is important to practice switchingvery rapidly to minimize the interference.  


-Sensitivity andmiscellaneous settings:


Simpleiron sight: ON

Smoothmouse:  OFF

Invertmouse:  OFF

WeaponinertiaVery low or off


I would suggest playing on lower graphical settings if youwant to be competitive in Crysis unless you have an unbelievable rig.  I tend to play on low to medium settings, andalways on all low settings when playing competitively.  Occasionally I’ll amp it up to med-high, butit stutters just enough to put me at a disadvantage against skilled players.


Some of the above options have little effect on the game,but these seem to work the best for me personally.


It is much easier for me to aim with simple iron sights whena laser is used, or even when crosshairs are used.  Some people don’t like this but I find itmuch better, especially with a laser attached.


Weapon inertia is an unfortunate feature that allows you toadjust the weapon sway while running, to the point that it doesn’t move.  It is helpful when using a laser to turn theinertia off because the laser always points at the center of the screen whilerunning rather than the ground.  Itdoesn’t help accuracy or anything, but it allows you to see where the center ofthe screen is before you shoot so you do not have to adjust your aim after thefirst shot. 


Mouse sensitivity is a bit difficult because of differentdpi settings and everything, but it is generally recommended that you should beable to turn 180 degrees in game with one comfortable sweep of the mouse (about5 inches on the mousepad for me).  Itcould also said that you should be able to move 360 degrees when you moveacross the mouse pad.  I wouldn’trecommend using smooth mouse as it slows down the reaction time of your aim.


Adjustable DPI settings on mice allow you to change thesensitivity on the fly in game.  Thisallows you to decrease sensitivity when sniping to improve accuracy andincrease it when in tanks to improve response time.  This is helpful if you snipe or use tanks…bothof which I rarely do so I don’t usually change my settings.  Some claim higher DPI settings are preferableon mice, but I personally have not seen a great difference myself.  Laser or Optic mice are a must, however.


-Buy menu shortcuts (orload outs) for Powerstruggle:

It is helpful to use buy shortcuts for PS to help speed upyour ability to get your weapons before getting bunker raped by the enemy. 


This can be accomplished two ways.  The first is via the in game loadout sectionthat allows you to preset load outs that you can click on at spawn to selectyour weapons.  The second method (thepreferred method) is to bind certain keys to buying certain weapons or loadouts.  I find the num pad works very wellfor this. 


To do this you simply add the proper cfg files to yourCrysis wars/game/config folder.  Here isan example of what the cfg should look like:


File name: b_350scar.cfg

Command lines:

buy macs

buyammo bullet

buyammo bullet


This file will therefore allow you to buy a MACS (code namefor scar), and two sets of ammo when you activate the file.


To activate the file, you put a key bind into theautoexec.cfg file (also located in the Crysis wars/game/config folder) thatlooks like this:


File name: autoexec.cfg

Command lines:

con_restricted = 0


r_displayinfo = 1


cl_sensitivity = 22


bind np_0 execb_100pistol.cfg

bind np_1 execb_100smg.cfg

bind np_2 execb_equip.cfg

bind np_3 execb_350scar.cfg

bind np_4 execb_300fy.cfg

bind np_5 execb_sniper.cfg

bind np_6 execb_claymore.cfg

bind np_7 execb_mine.cfg

bind np_8 execb_c4.cfg

bind np_9 execb_frag.cfg


That is my autoexec. So, when you press np_3 (num pad 3 key), the b_350scar.cfg file isexecuted, and the weapons/ammo is purchased in game. 


Side note:  Thecon_restricted is required to allow the commands to work in game.  r_displayinfo displays fps and other info onscreen in game.  And cl_sensitivityrefers to the mouse sensitivity I use in game (please note that this is highlydependent on the DPI settings of the mouse).


 This concludes lesson 1 on efficient keyboard layout, shortcuts, and mousecontrol.

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Thank you so much Cygon for doing this; I hope people appreciate the amount of work and knowledge that this reflects!

I myself will be trying out the PS loadouts :D


We should have training sessions in game to practice implementing these *amazing* lessons.

And of course, I would be willing to give a helping hand when needed :)

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You guys are very welcome.  I'll be adding the other lessons as I have time....but I figure this will take some time to digest anyway.

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 2.     Utilizingthe nanosuit to its fullest


The most important (and possiblythe most difficult) part of Crysis to master when compared to other fps gameshas to be the nanosuit.  It is what setsthe game play apart from other games, and I know it has given many of you fitswhen trying to stay competitive against other players.  It isn’t enough in Crysis to just have goodreflexes and aim, or even just to know your surroundings and how to use them toyour advantage.  The maneuverability ofthe nanosuit outweighs both of the other major gameplay skills combined.  Obviously we don’t need this section forHardcore mode, but it is critical to understand the modes for normal gameplay.


The nano suit of course is broken into4 main functions:

Armor (default)






All of these modes are effectivein certain situations.  However, contraryto most people’s beliefs, cloak is the least effective suit mode inmultiplayer.  It is highly successful insingle player but only has a limited range of uses in multiplayer. 


Cloak has four glaring weaknessesthat should be addressed.  A playershould be aware of these at all times if he intends to utilize this suitmode. 

  1. Cloak emits a loud buzzing sound to the enemy while limiting the hearing of the cloaker.  In Crysis wars this sound can be heard up to about 60 feet away (about 20 meters), and anyone with a good headset or surround sound should be able to locate a cloaker within a few feet if the area is reasonably quiet.  The lesson here: cloak is only useful for short periods where enemies are unable to pinpoint the location…or in noisy areas where they may not notice the buzzing.
  2. Cloak casts a shadow in any well lit area.  This brings up one disadvantage to playing on low settings.  You cannot see shadows which gives a cloaker a slight advantage.  You can still hear the cloaker.  The lesson here: cloak is only useful in areas where a shadow is cast on the ground. 
  3. Cloak does not hide laser pointers or flashlights.  This is especially important for those of you that cloak as soon as you spawn to keep from getting spawn killed.  If you spawn with a laser (which currently you do in most servers via server mod), you are still a glaring beacon to the enemy.  The lesson here:  Don’t use cloak if you have a laser or flashlight on; make sure it is off before you cloak.  Note that the rocket launcher laser does have a cloak skin on it, but it is not invisible (which is a strange feature).
  4. The fourth weakness is perhaps the most important.  When you fire a weapon or melee while in cloak mode, all of your suit energy is instantly drained.  This is where most beginners make a fatal mistake.  They may get the first shot off, but that shot only drains a portion of the suit energy if the player is in armor.  Meanwhile, the shooter looses all of his suit energy (essentially becoming weaker than the target).  The lesson here:  Switch to armor or another mode before firing when using cloak.



Armor mode is the basic mode thatenables a player to absorb more damage than normal when activated.  Unlike cloak, Armor has no glaringweaknesses, but only has one major strength…and that is its ability to absorbdamage. 


In armor mode you run slow, jumplow, and are not hiding from many people. But it is useful in many situations to utilize Armor when damage istaken from an enemy.  If you can quicklyswitch to Armor from Cloak, Speed, or Strength, you can absorb about 2 more shotson average before dying.  This is onereason why it is important to have Armor mode as a suit shortcut.  It is helpful to have it on the keyboardbecause you can easily change to Armor while still aiming at a moving target.



Strength mode is fairly straightforward.  Strength aids in the following:

Increase in jump height

Increase in punch and melee strength

Decrease in weapon recoil


It is important to keep in mindthat (like Cloak and Speed), Strength mode does not absorb damage taken likeArmor mode does.  Therefore it is notgood practice to over use Strength toincrease melee or decrease recoil.  Strengthshould only be activated during punching or melee right before the attack.  It is not advisable to run around in Strengthmode when punching because you will be unable to survive any punch taken.  It is only useful to use strength to reducerecoil at large distances and when using the Hurricane (which isn’t veryeffective unless you are defending a tight area in most cases). 


Two other small weakness withStrength is that it makes a loud noise when used to enhance jumping, and itglows red when activated (especially noticeable at night). However, it is notas bad as cloak because the sound is not continuous and you are usually nottrying to be hidden when using strength.



Speed is fairly straight forwardas well.  Speed aids in the following:

Increase in run speed (and strafejumping distance)

Increase in the quickness ofvarious features such as picking up weapons and possibly reloading (althoughminimal)


Speed mode also fails to absorbany damage taken like Armor mode does. Therefore it is often useful to switch out of speed mode when takingdamage to extend the number of shots taken before death.  It is also not advisable to run in a straightline directly at an enemy because the bullets have a tendency to “pile up” onyou since you are coming at them even faster. It is better to run in speed for short distances, from room to room orarea to area, or from cover to cover. 

Speed mode has similar weaknessesto that of Strength in that it gives off a noise when you run in speed andgives off a whitish glow when activated. Once again it is rare that you are trying to remain hidden when usingspeed, and the glow is only obvious in the dark.


I have put together a small videothat illustrates how Cloak, Strength, and Speed do not absorb damage whenactivated.  This is why it can beimportant to switch back to Armor before or while taking fire.



This ends the lesson on utilizingthe nano suit to its fullest.  I will gointo further detail on how to utilize the suit in combination in some of the latterlessons so it is important to understand these basic principles beforethen.  I will discuss how we can combinesuit modes to increase our mobility and attack/defend strategies in those moreadvanced lessons.



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all I can say is wow!!!!! I was playing with Arcanager and Cygon today and killed them a couple of time, still got killed 98 % of the time but still got a kill lol. I am happy, with much pratice that will get better. Read and do it!!!!!!!!! Thanks Cygon for taking the time in game to day.

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all I can say is wow!!!!! I was playing with Arcanager and Cygon today and killed them a couple of time, still got killed 98 % of the time but still got a kill lol. I am happy, with much pratice that will get better. Read and do it!!!!!!!!! Thanks Cygon for taking the time in game to day.


I played as well.. never got over 15 kills when they had 50+ each :/

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Nice post Cygon, I have to get some these added to my next Hack version.

LOL boss he tried to explain the game to you.....

maybe this will help that you dont run away at the next tourney LMAO


it will be awesome if rugger can fight with a heli more than 60 seconds without killing himself



awesome job again Cygon....give me more and still nothing to add

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con_restricted = 0

sys_budget_videomem = 1024

sys_budget_sysmem = 4096





fullscreen = 1

r_displayinfo 1

cl_sensitivity = 22

mines a little different  it adapted to my system specs

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No its no hack. I have my reload key set to the key right above my run key so I just let off the run key for a split second to hit reload and back to run. You will reload while running. Also I set a short cut key for the weapons options you can let off the run key and tap the weapons option key (customization menu) and back to run. Now you can place a scope or a laser while running. Tap the right mouse button and the menu goes away. (my right mouse button is set to zoom/alt fire/viewmode) The only downside to that is you can only use the mouse in the options menu while you set up the weapon but I can still move forward, left to right, prone and crouch while in the menu. But as it only takes a second to change weapon options it seems worth it to me.

Now this will really hurt my kill to death ratio since I get most of my kills while peeps are just standing there setting up their weapon.

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