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Every 3rd Saturday of the Month we have a virtual happy hour over zoom, join this group to get notifications about upcoming events


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  2. lol Quote of the eve ...hey Dray I hear you live on a boat! do you have internet?... ROTFFL ..nope im still using baked tins and a long piece of string ....omg love you mad lot....
  3. He found the floor to be more comfortable at that point He actually put his headset back on and resumed talking lol.
  4. Gossamer and I really enjoyed ourselves. Look forward to a longer stay next month. Wildpenguin, as always, an AWESOME hostess. Appreciate you…
  5. I'm just saying whoever came up with this I'm so thankful for. Playing with idiots for years online is fun. However this takes it to a much more intimate part of our lives. We get to sit and some of us for hours having fun. Drinking. Talking about some very personal shit. In our personal space. Some of us seeing others in a total different light off games. Anytime I get on I'm ready for a good time and with the same bunch that I've grown to love and get to see how compassionate and how much of a family that this truly is. Also a very big shout out to @piglo and @WldPenguin for all they do for
  6. No idea I won anything if there was prizes being given out last night until I logged on now. Before any gift cards is being send out can someone PM before they do, it would be much appreciated
  7. That honestly was THE BEST one so far. I had such a blast. Thanks to everyone who made it so much fun.
  8. WOW! What a Happy Hour! This one has definitely set a record for the longest running so far. We lasted 10 hours and 5 minutes! We saw some new faces @McGrim @BlackRose @Buddy @MordBlack @Lovyan @Ricko and @Sourtap Other attendees included @YACCster @Magnus_1 @Cooper @E-raser @GhostfaceJim @ANGU5 @Icequeen @baldie @Hawk @Draygunnar @1lkysob @Barron A brief cameo was made by @Chris A special thanks, as always, to @piglo for hosting our Zoom event We played some really fun games, had random gift card drawings, and as usual, tons of laughs! Winners of the
  9. What a night and what a laugh . That was the best night so far and a big Thank you to @WldPenguin for organising the games . Although I still can not manage to stay up later than 1:30 am
  10. This just in! You won't want to miss today's happy hour! We have lots of fun games lined up for y'all this evening, and there will be gift cards given away throughout the night. Please come join us for a really fun time! You'll be glad you did, I promise!
  11. @Sourtap @Tron @Hoth @Syckle @GhostfaceJim @Primetime @SAPPER @blackwidow @Sitting-Duc @Olive @P!nk @P1nh3ad



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