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Every 3rd Saturday of the Month we have a virtual happy hour over zoom, join this group to get notifications about upcoming events


  1. What's new in this club
  2. Also I would like to add that I finally took away @Hefe33reign of card champion and won 2 in a row. Ty ty. I'll be here all day.
  3. Oh thank god, I didn't have to look at Wildthing's boobs.
  4. Oh shit I missed this. Sorry....I could have used this last night. Edit: Glad to see @ShadyBradykept his clothes on this time. I expect nothing less from @Duffy and @wildthing
  5. Well, guess you need to be on there longer and talk about it more @BlackRose because it's AI generated, I didn't forget, and the AI doesn't forget. We all wants more folks for the MEMBER SPOTLIGHT!
  6. as always i had a good time and sorry i wasnt in for the full session like i was last time..awlays fun hanging out with the clan member
  7. Meeting summary for PigLo's XI Virtual Happy Hour (Monthly, Every 3rd Saturday) (02/17/2024) Quick recap The meeting involved a group of friends engaging in a casual conversation, mostly about gaming and personal stories, with no significant decisions, alignments, next steps, action items, or open questions being discussed. The conversation was filled with humor and witty banter, occasionally veering off-topic to discuss popular culture references and inside jokes. The participants also shared their experiences with different computer components and debated the merits of different brands. No clear decisions or action items were discussed in the meeting. Summary Casual Gaming and Little Rock Trip Plans The meeting involved a group of friends engaging in a casual conversation, mostly about gaming. They also shared personal stories and made plans for a trip to Little Rock. However, no decisions, alignments, next steps, action items, or open questions were discussed during the meeting. Humorous Conversations, No Decisions. The meeting was filled with a lot of humor, witty banter, and light-hearted conversations. The participants were discussing various topics, including their personal experiences, the software they were using, and a recent incident involving blackwidow's vehicle. The conversation occasionally veered off-topic, leading to discussions about popular culture references and inside jokes. However, no significant decisions or action items were discussed during this meeting. Informal Conversation and No Decisions The meeting involved a lot of informal conversation, jokes, and non-business related discussions. The participants talked about various topics such as a game they were playing, a potential holiday event, and personal anecdotes. No clear decisions, action items, or next steps were identified in the transcript. Computer Components and Banter The group discussed various computer components such as monitors, processors, and graphics cards, and shared their experiences using different brands and models. They also debated the merits of different types of RAM and hard drives. The conversation occasionally veered off into non-computer topics, including a discussion about a bed-in-a-box delivery and some playful banter. Friendly Banter, No Decisions Made". The meeting was a casual conversation among friends, primarily revolving around playful banter, humor, and non-work-related topics. There were no clear decisions or action items discussed in the meeting. Game, Cheating, Virtual Reality, Autism, Humor The meeting transcript is quite confusing and lacks a clear topic or summary. However, it seems that the participants were involved in a game, possibly a card game, where some participants were caught cheating. There were also discussions about virtual reality and a family member with autism who uses virtual reality. The transcript also includes some jokes and humorous comments. Next steps • Plan a different trip for Duffy to visit. • SAPPER will send a bottle of Korean rice wine to ToySoldier. AI-generated content may be inaccurate or misleading. Always check for accuracy.
  8. Fathers Day weekend. Will probably be out on the boat. May try and dial in from there.....
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