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2015 Clan Knife Medals are here!

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Just finished issuing  >XI< 2015 Clan Wide Knife Tourney Players medals!  *****msg-42-0-98782200-1420908539.png******

Also a skilled few were issued >XI< 2015 Clan Wide Knife Tourney Champion *****msg-42-0-86080300-1420908531.png*****



If you played and do not receive one (check awards in profile) send a pm immediately  to me and I will fix you up!  @@ROCKAPE will be pinning these medals very soon!



Special thanks to (in no particular order) - @@Labob for the medals and design

                                                                 - @@dadda2 for the prizes and brain trust

                                                                 - @@Nisty* for the awards/sigs

                                                                 - @Serveradmins  setting up and running tourney(you know who you are)

                                                                 [email protected]@Ruggerxi for help bringing it all together



Cheers Damit!

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