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Donating to the clan

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Heya all,

I've tried to donate to the server several times but it only can be done through paypal or creditcard. I have neither of those. Lost my paypal login codes and since I never use it I do not plan on putting in all the effort of getting the details back. 

Is there an alternative way to donate, maybe make it possible for IDEAL payments? 

Just wanna spread some love now and again in stead of making people feel butthurt (save the jokes!) and ragequit..... :)

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At the moment there is no other option then paypal, or visa/master card stand alone or trough paypal. 

I do also strongly believe we need more options. There's loads of country's like The Netherlands where having a creditcard is not a regulair thing. 
We have our own banking system with a whole other system of paying. So mabye it would be nice to add an extra donation system om the forums wich can be very eazy done. 
Rugger might wants to look into this and open a SKRILL account so that the EU users also eazy can donate. Skrill also handels visa and mastercard but also offers IDEAL and other country's payment systems. 

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You could join the rest of Western civilisation ?? surely your banking system has a method of doing this, personally I think paypal is a great way and well worth the hassle. I have a special account, separate from my other accounts, and this is the only one I use on the internet, I only keep it topped up with around £500, worked well so far.

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