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BlackRose Sig Pickup

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2 hours ago, Unchileno said:

Good Job , but,, black not red roses would do

@Unchileno That was the plan. I tried multiple black Rose's, from actual Rose's to rose petals. I couldn't get it to blend properly and just ended up looking like a black blob in the middle of the sig. ?

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I think that I like the red roses better (honestly, I didn't notice the black petals first and I had to go back), but both look good !

What do you think Hun @BlackRose

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my bag English, as usual lol

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6 hours ago, BlackRose said:

its not showing do i need to ree add it???

Delete your old sig and click save.

It will still show up again.

Click the bottom right hand side of the sig and hit back space on your keyboard.

If it shows more than 1 sig just back space them all out.

Click on choose file and add your new sig and click save.

You are going to get a message that there was error with the upload, ignore it, click on the window and it will go away.

Click save.



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