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Suggestions please?

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Can anyone suggest a "free" anti-virus program that I can install in my computer? 

There are so many to choose from out there....not sure which ones are any good.


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Thanks for all the suggestions. I used AVG and AVAST on my other computer(s)  but this one is a new one with Windows 10 and I just wanted to make sure this was still the best choice!


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If you Must run a virus scanner I would use Malwarebytes.


I haven't had the need to use one since I started using Firefox and a GOOD Popup/Ad blocker. Just be super careful what you download and where you download from. Do NOT download Toolbars and Search addons. Most of them are loaded with malware.  


Do Not download Pics and stuff from facebook. I have to reinstall my stupid neighbors PC atleast 1 time every year because the dumb ass keeps downloading shit off of there. Last time it was because she downloaded a simple picture from a link that someone posted. Guess what? It had a nasty ransomware virus embedded in it.  I'm not into the whole social media thing but I do watch Midget porn all the time.    lol


  Firefox with Adguard Adblocker plugin is all I use.  I love it because it blocks all of the commercials and ads on youtube and on most of the streaming movie sites. Including pornhub  lol. 

Once a year I download and run Malwarebytes Heuristic deep scan. Once it's done I uninstall it.

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