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  1. Starla said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  2. I've updated many to 1709... no problems yet... but I HAVE NOT used any dolby stuff..
  3. Happy Birthday Sweetie!
  4. that tent in the front of your britches indicates that you may have enjoyed it!
  5. great group.... great time!!
  6. ok... 2 things... 1. you mentioned Merlin twice... he's awesome and all... but 2 times.... 2. How come I didn't know who DeereJon was?
  7. friggin LOVE Vegas!
  8. ditto... Friday afternoon through Sunday Morning
  9. you couldn't have chosen a better person!
  10. Welcome... Stop in to the COD5 W@W Freezetag server, we have a few French speaking players, and a great group!
  11. NIce!
  12. suck up! JK.. thanks buddy!
  13. seems like the pot calling the kettle black.... but NERD! lol
  14. yea... that was awesome... "I need a medic" lol.. good stuff that "class was "Covert Ops" ... steal someone's pants!! good times
  15. we play a map on the COD5 Ftag server that is modeled after a Wolf ET map called RailGun... remember that map? ET was a great game.. I miss it!