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  1. Sirhurtsalot

    Happy birthday !
  2. Sirhurtsalot

    Great news, about time!
  3. Sirhurtsalot

    Congrats, and good luck . Best Wishes
  4. Sirhurtsalot

    Very, Very Nice....Will be hard to watch again though. What a sad lost.
  5. Sirhurtsalot

    Happy Birthday Voodoo! Have a great day
  6. So sorry to hear of Unionjacks passing, he will be rembered by me as a smart player, a very good player, and an >XI< brother. Anything that I'm capable of helping you and yours with please let me know Miranda. Love YOU'RE >XI< brother, Rob.
  7. Sirhurtsalot

    SOB, your toilet needs cleaning.
  8. Great Pictures Olive. Frenchi lives in a beautful place. Nice utters too.
  9. Sirhurtsalot

    I loaded the codtools and when i played vft cod5 i had a club foot for a gun! weird! Had to reload cod5. what did I do wrong Labob, Do you know?
  10. Great to see you again Sam! See you on the servers !
  11. Sirhurtsalot

    Congrats Damit ! Welcome to the team !
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