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  1. Verizon

    Hello All! I'm Verizon I like to overprice my service for you all that have Verizon. I feel old.. lol
  2. Happy Birthday .. can I get a discount on my Verizon bill?

  3. Rugger add more weapons to cycle through. Also add Nuketown too.. Please and thank you.
  4. Hey bud how you been?

  5. Verizon

    Please ONLY vote on IboomBoom page!!! Make sure its 1 star!!! Thanks! Yahoo
  6. Please rate Iboomboom 1 star. http://www.xtremeidiots.com/user/20343-iboomboom/
  7. Anyone find how to resolve the punk buster update for the Mac Version? Tried Youtube, Google, Bing, Msn, Altavista, and Yahoo. I also contacted Evenbalance and their techs couldn't help.
  8. Lies Cannon! I did what you said and it still hasn't fixed my problem.
  9. actually the file didn't work for me. I still got kicked.
  10. can you give some guidance to where to put the folder dud?
  11. Has anyone found the files for Pb (Mac Version)???
  12. Does anyone know or have found the files for COD4 mac version?
  13. Verizon

    Haha Belle.. I do use Mic.. You and Kitty just put me on the spot. lol Thanks Guys for the welcome!!
  14. Verizon

    hahahahhaha codpiece. I guess we meet again.
  15. Verizon

    Thanks Guys! I'll be waiting to freeze you all in game.
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