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Anyone ever seen The Matrix?  At one point in life, I looked like Keanau.  "The One" : It's two syllables, pronounced quickly together.
For those who are fans of Jet Li, the same pronunciation applies (although I have no connection to his skills or looks).

Why does everyone call me THE or THEE?  Has anyone ever been referred to as a preposition before?  Is that number "1" filtered out in certain character sets or something?  

I may need to pick an easier name...  Like Pat.  Yes, call me Pat.  Single syllable, very easy to pronounce.  I am born and bread in Minnesota, and I am not a Juan.
Think about the song:  "Who's that?  It's Pat!" from SNL fame.  But keep in mind that I have emotional problems as a result of that skit due to teasing from my sisters.  :lol:

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