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Murder of a 14 year old today...

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All 3 of my grand kids were on lock down in their elementary school which was just up the street from Sir Winston Churchill High School where the murder took place.

The mother of the 14 year old boy was sitting in her car and as he was getting in to the car 5 kids surrounded him and stabbed him. She is devastated. I feel so sorry for her.

There was a video of the entire incident which doesn't surprise me now a days.

All 5 of the kids involved know the difference between right and wrong. They committed murder and all of them should be tried as adults.

There should be no young offenders charges when a murder is committed.

What makes this hit home for me is I know the father to one of the boys that was charged. He always seemed like a good guy (not now).

The updated news from tonight:


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Very Sad, seems that the "Live and Let Live" days are gone. 

Now nobody has any toleration for each other.

I  have my theories why and there are many factors to which so many people are on edge these days.

These "Kids" need to go away for a long time....

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My grand daughter woke up this morning to the news that her friend was murdered because the police were coming to the school to let all the kids know before they learned it from anyone else. Her cousin was arrested and released unconditional which means he was in the wrong place and the wrong time. He went to the school to meet his girlfriend and it was the both of them that had been arrested but are now at home.

They have charged a 14 and 18 year olds with first degree murder. They will be moved to another province for trial and prison for their own safety.

The 14 year old victim is Devan Selvey. He was being brutally bullied by the attackers who knifed him in his chest, shoulder and face. They won't release their names because of the young offenders act << pisses me off

The police had to pepper spray his father and hand cuff him to calm him down. He completely lost it (understandably) and was going after the attackers families. He is calm now and the family is making funeral arrangements.

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38 minutes ago, TheHammer said:

to bad everyone has been disarmmed in canada !!!!!

Not everyone. We still have legal gun owners.

It's what the majority of us have buried in our yards to protect our families with that should concern our government more.

Never try to disarm good people. It does not go over well.

Especially these days with all the nuts out there like the justice social pussy warriors.

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