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Anyone playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

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1 hour ago, Timmah! said:

Bro, the 660 gpu released like 7 years ago... Even 500 dollars, Pounds, whatever over 7 years is a manageable upgrade schedule.    

That is true and I have always built and upgraded my own systems, in fact the present case has been upgraded twice, and Sharpe has me looking now at prices. But you all know what it's like, you always want the best parts and the best bang for your bucks. So looking at what I need it will be a new operating system, motherboard and cpu, graphics card, new ssd, memory and it makes sense to put in a new power supply. First try at what I'd like got to £2600 which is out of the question on a pension, Unless you post me two pizzas a week for the next two years? So I went back to the drawing board and thought about it. Ideally I would like to play the new modern warfare, but I am quite happy as long as waw and 4 are played on our servers. I enjoy the company of my fellow idiots and regular players, love the banter, and can generally hold my own in games. So at the moment my present set up is not great but it's adequate, what I need is a bigger screen, my eyesight is getting worse and I have people screaming at me about targets and I can't see them. So I have given big hints for Christmas for 24 inches, my old girl fainted until I explained.

ps I looked at the stats tonight for ftag and my life is complete, I'm in the experts league, near the bottom but wtf?, I will have an extra Drambuie tonight and thank you all for donating your lives for my stats.

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1 hour ago, Timmah! said:

If you want to save some $, I can help you like I did with a couple buddies in NZ;  They would paypal me the money & I would then buy the gpu/cpu & have it shipped to them as a gift.  

You're a lovely lad, never mind what the others say, I might look at that

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This is a link to System Requirements lab. You type the game you are interested in and click, "Can you run it tab" and it will tell you the minimum and recommended that your pc needs to play that game.


It will prompt you to dl a small file to install. This is so it can give you the info.

Below is me looking if my pc can play Modern Warfare...



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Here're some options to look over to get a feel for what you might want.  Youtube is another place to look for advice on gaming builds.


 The gpu will be the heart of the gaming system, so allocate as much $ as you can for that part.  Black Friday & Cyber Monday are coming up, hold off for those deals.  That's what I'm waiting on to build my next rig.  Deals should be rolling in over the next couple weeks.




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On 11/5/2019 at 11:50 AM, RobMc said:

 I see some of the comments and think its sad that for me and many others the specs required will mean yet another pc costing £1500 - £2000. As this is an ever increasing spiral you are almost forced to cheaper consoles, I am the only one among friends still playing on a pc, they laugh at me. The sheer size of new releases in hard drive capacity, and video cards in particular are staggering if you look back only five years. If this carries on, and it will, you may need a new pc every year.

It is the first in the series I have never owned, or played, which should be a warning sign to all that the end may be in sight for pc gaming for the mass market. I plan to reluctantly upgrade my computer with the end of support for my beloved windows 7, so like J3st3r hope that prices will fall by then.

It may be great but I too can't afford it, and I'm not a poor man.


AMD R5 2600 120,- 

B450 mainboard 85,-

16 GB DDR4 3000 80,- 

Used GTX 1060 6G or RX 580 aprox 100,- 

500W PSU 80,-

1TB SSD 100,- 


total : 565 euro's 

W10 Pro key 12,- 


My son plays CoD MW on a used system (6 jr old)

i5 3570K

Z77 mobo

GTX 970

16GB DDR3 ram .

Mid/high settings @ 1080p.


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