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    Yeah ! my wife is a mom 😉
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    A Dutch version of a motherfucker 😎
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    Dont break my heart ........
  4. I have changed my name from Modibob to Billymilano ,this has been carried out by ROCKAPE>XI<ADM at my request and all records have been updated. grtz Billy .
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    Short for Qualified Vendor List, QVL is a list of pre-qualified vendors who have third-party products or services that a manufacturer has approved as suitable and compatible with their own products or services. For example, a motherboard manufacturer will often provided users with a system memory QVL that indicates which vendors and memory part numbers work with that specific motherboard.
  6. Billymilano


    See the difference between a slighter higher clock and a Vcore of 1.4 Volts and its effect on the temperature : (in that case the system run 95% of the tasks ,but crash while running prime95) . Beware that a higher OC has effect on the memory controller . Hell no ! you can run a 2700x 4686 Mhz all core with 1.4 Volts ,the screenshot with the 2700x @ 4676.44 Mhz 1.134 Volts is hilarious and prove that you try to bullshitting us . With that in mind you better stop advising people how to choose any computer component or what so ever ! Again for the topicstarter ,look at the QVL from your mobo and in case of Ryzen it's pointless to go over 3200 Mhz when you use the rig for gaming ,you better put that extra money into beer,chips, or girlfriend 😂
  7. Billymilano


    No a link to CPU-Z that prove a OC @ 4686 Mhz validated . btw it's insane that you OC a Ryzen that high to get a CB score of 1941 while you get at least 1935 pts @ 4.3 Ghz with the right ram . How the fck you want to cool that motherfcker ??
  8. Billymilano


    Always look at the QVL of the motherboard .
  9. Billymilano


    I dont ask for your money or your wife or boyfriend ,i just asked for the cpu-z screen of both cpu and ram . I dont believe a shit of your OC 2700x @ 4686 Mhz
  10. Billymilano


    OK thanks ,and also a screen of the cpu ?
  11. Billymilano


    Do you have a CPU-Z screenshot or link ?
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    Uhm ....autobahn Germany .
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    First things first , Castration of rapist . Electric chair for killers . Only these two things on its own is a better solution for a better world.
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