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  2. Billymilano

    LoL no! i stick to the 4 GHz all core with my R7 1700x ,and my Alpacool GTX1070ti boost on auto to 1950 MHz thanks to watercooling . For me its fine ,more important is the max temp's below 50c and dead silence ,and in wintertime i getting bored 😂
  3. Billymilano

    And here is the 360 slim ,therefore i use 3x Noctua NF-A12x25 fans in a pull cfg .
  4. Billymilano

    Houston we have a problem .......or not . Where do i fit this beast of a rad ? Ik think the front of my Fractal case ...lol ,and i have another 360 slimline rad for the top of the case ,. Winter is coming ...yeah!
  5. Billymilano

    https://valid.x86.fr/9pj4aw https://valid.x86.fr/w01ywy https://valid.x86.fr/d9dj7n https://valid.x86.fr/bxgxmz A few validations from me ,and i did a lot of them ,i used more cpu's ^^ https://valid.x86.fr/my-account/validations.html
  6. Billymilano

    A lone time i used Intel ,and stlil got the i5 4690K @ 4.6 GHz ,before the i5 Haswell refresh i used the i5 3570K and i7 4770 . At that time Intel was the king ,but then came AMD with Ryzen ....OMG ,goodbye Intel ! I have the R7 1700x and R5 2600 and these peform way better than the Intel's that i used before ,and what a low prices compare to Intel . So i agree , 100% AMD
  7. Billymilano

    I think the best of the best .
  8. Billymilano

    Call of duty MW ,forget the previous CoD's , this is the real deal !
  9. No noticeable difference in compare to the previous drivers .
  10. I jumped my ass off ,and still i am lvl 70 . What went wrong ?
  11. Billymilano

    Welcome !
  12. Billymilano

    Both are cool .
  13. Billymilano

    Welcome .
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