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  1. Billymilano

    Congrats 😃
  2. Billymilano

    Thanks all ! 😀
  3. Billymilano

    Our two German's 😀 064.mp4
  4. Billymilano

  5. Billymilano

    Nice game ,i play it with my friends and got the game a half year ago with my Ryzen cpu . For that price its a steal !!
  6. Billymilano

    For the first time i listen @ my Beyerdynamic DT990pro ,and yeah!! kick ass .
  7. Billymilano

    Hi legi ! Rock/metal = simply cool 😎 Welcome .
  8. Billymilano

    Yes i am !
  9. Billymilano

    All the things you calls like streaming and gaming @ the same time with 2 sticks and stuttering ,i dont recognize that with a 8c/16t cpu ,i do recognize that with a 4 stick system with a 4c/4t cpu . My conclusion is that core count is everything in case of multitasking ,and i be fair with the 2 stick config i use a Ryzen cpu ,while the 4 stick config uses a Intel cpu . On the other side ,why would you run 2 games at the same time ? 😀
  10. Billymilano

    Jay shows the difference between single vs dual channel ,why should you put two ram sticks in a single channel cfg ? At the end the conclusion is that 4 dims that act like dual rank has a slight performance increase ,but only with a high end gpu @ 1080p ,and stil depending on the ram speeds and timings ,with just two ram sticks you can always go for a higher clockspeed and better timings ,in normal circumstances ....say at least 1440p ,and i think for a 2080ti means normal on 4k the difference is not noticable . My advice is when you having 4 ram slots and your goal is gaming ,then put 2 ram stick each of 8 GB ,when needed more capacity you always have some space left to put two modules more in there . Like a said before , two ram sticks in dual channel cfg works perfect ,while Oster wrote "Having 4 sticks works much better performance wise than having 2" Replace "much better" for in some scenarios slightly better performance . Please remember that these benchmark test showing the bottleneck's with high end gpu's @ 1080p only ,at 4k wich is the 2080ti territory the gpu is always the bottleneck .
  11. Billymilano

    It's dual channel ,so 2 ram stick works perfect .
  12. Billymilano

    The Beyma coaxial drivers placed in de main/front speakers ,in the bottom sits a Visaton W300S driver powered by Hypex ,the amp's are build in the box .
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