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Christmas & New Year Desktops

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5 hours ago, Merlin007 said:


How about a new year one cause i can't wait for 2020 to end. 🙂 

I'm sure that Angelz will make a new one as nice as the 2020 one !

Although in the meantime @Merlin007, you can use one of these (one even comes in Holidays colors !) :





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My English, as always :)
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2 hours ago, major-mark63 said:

looks like your HNY is 2020 i dont want to go thru this fucking year again change it for 2021 with hope for a healthier year

2021 is going to start the same way as 2020 ended...BADLY but I hope it gets better!!!
Just for you!!



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7 hours ago, major-mark63 said:

at least the vaccine is giving us a lokk to the end of it.


I am not gonna be taking the vaccine. I do not trust it. It usually takes a minimum of 5 years to test a vaccine. This one was rushed in a few months and no proper testing of it.

Thank but no thanks, Nu uh no way.

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my opinion is when all the funds are in ,i think reseach could be fast enough, and also there are not doing this from scratch , research on corona viruses where already begun years ago.

This is been a world wide and conjoint effort of finding a vaccine.

 this vaccine is different  its not like giving you the covid so you devellop immunity , its different they shoot you some kind of profile protein so your immunity system can identify the virus correctly and destroy him.

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There are currently no licensed mRNA vaccines in the United States.  Pfizer's mRNA vaccine  has received emergency authorization, but has not completed FDA approval.  Moderna's vaccine is the very first vaccine they have put out.

Hard pass for me.....

I'll take my 99.7% chances with COVID for now.

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