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XI UT2004 Server Info

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Come try out the Server if you have the game

Add this to your Favorites your able to copy and paste it just ctrl v to paste it

This is a Multi Gametype Server with Map Voting, Please only Vote at end.

GameTypes Available:



Team DeathMatch

Capture the Flag

Bombing Run

Vehicle CTF

Instagib CTF

Last Man Standing

Freeze Tag

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Thank you again, looking forward to seeing people in there!

Is there a way to allow votes from spectators? Some bots have been stuck on the same map on Last Map Standing for more than 2 hours now, and I can't do anything about it as I can't join an ongoing LMS game haha

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11 hours ago, Snow White said:

Hello BlackRose, Do you have Lord Gleedo's map (Might Meaty)?? https://lordgleedo.wordpress.com/my-ut2004/



i might have it,,,did you try to contact him??


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I pop in there a lot and never see anyone playing. I forgot how fun low gravity and dbl jump was.

I started making some maps again as well, should have my first one done soon. I will post a few shots to see if there interested in adding it to the server

By the way I am Zappy's brother if anyone knows him.

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