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Viral in my country

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A column of the Russian army on its way to Kyiv stops by a hill. From behind it is heard from a megaphone:
"A Ukrainian soldier is stronger than 10 Russian soldiers!" Irritated, the Russian commander sends 10 soldiers over the hill, there are gunshots, shouts, then silence, none of them return.
And the megaphone: "A Ukrainian soldier is stronger than 100 Russian soldiers!" Annoyed, the Russian commander sends 100 soldiers across the hill.
This time there are more shots, the sound of fighting, then silence and no one back. Same voice: "A Ukrainian soldier is stronger than 1000 Russian soldiers!"
Jumping out, the Russian commander sends 1,000 soldiers across the hill to attack! There are noises of great battle, shouts, bursts of bullets, and then nothing, silence.
But now a severely wounded Russian soldier appears, crawling towards his. He manages to get close to them and shouts at them with all his might: “Don't go! It's a trap! There are 2 ”

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Napoleon Bonaparte was known to rope-a-dope some of his battlefield opponents; show a portion of his troops on a crest or plateau, to the enemy; have them retreat back down a hill;  when the other side pursued, they found the rest of the army waiting on the other side.  Natives living in the jungles in some areas of our world have been documented using this tactic against their enemies....

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