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  1. MysticAngel

    Welcome to XI fabulous family
  2. MysticAngel

    If someone wanna play PUBG with me, add me on steam MysticAngelQC
  3. MysticAngel


  4. Hi guys! I have changed my name from Ciiinndy4 To MysticAngel,this has been carried out by ROCKAPE>XI<ADM at my request and all records have been updated. See you soon
  5. MysticAngel

  6. Hi All I'm trying to play in the server XI to Minecraft, and when i'm connect to, a message tell: Outdated Server. How i can enter on it to play with you? Thanks!
  7. MysticAngel

    OMG @CptnCrunch87 verry nice i like to watch Stunt bikers on youtube, they are in the usa and approximately 2000 bikers who ride together
  8. MysticAngel

  9. MysticAngel

    Here's my truck with my new body customized and painted by myself. I really love it for my first time i customize something like it
  10. MysticAngel

    Hello everyone, I wanted to know what each of you have a passion or hobby to get to know you and have the chance to discuss this! Start with me of course! I started there about one year, in the spring, buying me a RC drift car. My boyfriend had one for 1 year older than me, I watched him, I tried a few times until I decide to buy one. Except now I do not have a RC drift, I am now the owner of a Team Associated SC10 4x4 too, what is even more fun. I show you pictures of my cars and it is now your turn to tell me about your passion and if you can show me with pictures.
  11. The end date of the vote happens very quickly, keep going to vote I think you are entitled to one vote each day so go there! We need a lot more!
  12. MysticAngel

    I'm connected to, it worked!
  13. MysticAngel

    I already have Teamspeack3 And I already try to join the server XI but I can try again



    You don't have permission to chat.
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