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  1. Then again, we in the US have our State of the Union address. Why exactly?
  2. Saw that one coming a mile away. What exactly would a 1/2 human 1/2 ghost be?
  3. If they break up, since relationships often do unfortunately, if there is a baby who gets custody and who gets to pay child support?
  4. Not an easy question to answer because it depends on how involved you want to get. Also, you will likely be re-compressing an already compressed video so you will lose some quality. Havent used it for video editing but Blender seems to have good feedback.
  5. I dont think Im going to watch that.
  6. We all know 'Bigfoot' is an alien created android. I saw a documentary on it. Well, I think it was a documentary.
  7. Why isnt it Bigfeet?
  8. G602 is on the list of compatible products for the current version of the software. With it you can disable the button click function. Had to reassign my MMB because I had the opposite problem and I cant click it even slowly and carefully without the scroll wheel moving.
  9. My guess is that you went to one of those cod4x zombie servers. There are quite a few of them. They install additional non-official patches not made by Activision. It should co-exist with official 1.7 servers without issue (adds an additional cod4x server browser in addition to the stock one) with the most recent version. They typically have cod4x as part of their server name. Or, if you want to be sure, check out the server info and avoid those that say 1.7a or 1.8. Many also have Ming as part of the info.
  10. That just bad.
  11. Not quite as bad as trying to figure out why your computer wont turn on, spending a bunch of time on it, only to discover it wasnt plugged in. Yes, I did that once. But only once. Never again.
  12. My wired G500s still going pretty good (not a hard core gamer tho). However the scroll wheel lost its 'clickity' feel. Also because of that trying to use the mmb/wheel causes the wheel to turn. That is a real pita since the mmb is used constantly in 3d work. So now I use one of the left thumb buttons for the mmb and I've come to like that better. Moral of the story, you cant have too many buttons.
  13. Rubberband Man. Havent heard that in many years.
  14. Sometimes when surfing youtube just to check out different music and vids you come across one that is just..... really really wrong. I might have to put on some Pink Floyd or something.
  15. A suggestion: Pay as little attention as possible to comments about rotations sucking. You will never please everybody.