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  1. Or, if its a sucky game, save the money and put it towards a different game. There is a reason its so cheap after only a few months.
  2. much better
  3. What, no meat?
  4. Cheaters? In that game? Its nothing but rumor. Really.
  5. The first time poster doth protest too much, methinks. Do not feed the troll.
  7. I call bullshit. You dont need it to create any map in radiant you want. These pre-alpha builds are for play on an xbox only anyways.
  8. I will also say however that the mac version of the program doesnt support the mp3 format. Which kinda sucks because often mp3 is the only viable format available for certain things.
  9. Didnt watch it, since I am not interested. But even so everyone should simply wish the happy couple well.
  10. How can you have first impressions from a trailer with zero actual gameplay footage? Cant even call it a teaser.
  11. He looks like "I'm resting here, go away and bother someone else".
  12. Yes an old problem and cod4 also prefers it when you have a mic plugged in.
  13. Wasn't restarted by me
  14. Well ok thats more of a co-op squad battle than a real multiplayer game. I suppose we shall see about their take on BR. If its just FFA on a really big map, with some sort of system to force players close to each other, then I dunno. I do have to give them credit for ditching SP for something new(ish) for the franchise tho.
  15. Sources on 10 player max? First I heard of it.