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  1. I need to find the time to do it and upload the altered coordinates to the mod. Tomorrow I am at work all day. Another subject to add: Since this is one of the rotations I did of older incompatible maps from earlier versions tell us which maps you like and which you dont, and why. Simply saying 'this rotation sucks' wont cut it.
  2. Not deep impact. That one is only for helping penetrate walls and such. Stopping power negates juggy/flakjacket. For info: flakjacket increases health by %40. Stopping power increases damage by %40. So if both are facing each other they cancel each other out.
  3. If you mean to the mod recently since it went online, then no. The files for doing that are located in an iwd and if one is changed it requires a new download.
  4. Always someone that has to play the dumbass. Is there a badge or medal for that? If not there should be.
  5. I assume Chili means PCIe. Which is what those are. However if he needs PCI (without the 'e') those wont work.
  6. Getting one is bad enough with the spawn camping. But someone getting three because he is a camping pus... um... player? Too much.
  7. A few minutes with the rocket gun. Hard to get bots that jitter around all over the place. Like the m14 vs the mp5 you have to hit with your first shot. Or the explosive part allows you to hit a surface next to the target. Sometimes it works well sometimes it does not. Its not very good for those that tend to need three quick pistol rounds to get a target and that is its purpose as a different type of weapon for the category. The proper balance is still a WIP. Want it to be a good weapon but also want it to take skill to use it (unlike tubers ). As for putting it into inventory, thats an option but there is plenty there already. The goal is to make this sort of a hybrid and that can be tricky.
  8. Then again, tac insert is very useful to get around that. It takes up a slot but place one near your spawn... or some other easily seen point from a distance so you can watch what the enemy does... and it doesnt take long to defrost you. One of my classes has been using a tac insert and 3X sensor nades and the combination has been pretty successful. In many ways its more useful than waiting for emps. Checked out the talker icons a bit and it looks like they wont work in hardcore mode for this mod.
  9. Yea in the context of freezetag that might be unfair also since kills are much more significant than in tdm. Can be pretty hard to figure out how a small things can have major impacts.
  10. Strictly speaking, when you are frozen after dying the game is 'respawning' you normally first just locking you down so you cant move. Its the only way it works to keep the 'kill' scores. Might be an interesting way to take advantage of that. Find a secluded and easily defendable area or room (gotta watch for glitch areas). Guard it both with explosives and a couple players. Everyone place tac inserts there. You die and are sent back but defrosted immediately instead of having to wait for them to hopefully get to you. Go back to the tac insert area, drop one and repeat. Yes you could do the same at spawn points but this would allow you to get away instead of spending your time defrosting players in an area the enemy is watching. There is one drawback however. If the enemy uses a UAV they will see a bunch of red dots in a small area and know its a defrost point. Their goal will be to attack and get the guards. Yes sometimes I think up crazy shit. Kinda have to because sooner or later someone else will and it might actually work.
  11. Depends on your PoV how that should work. Never tried it myself outside of tdm.
  12. Does that mean I have to be nicer to him? Congrats.
  13. In ways, think of the sidearm like you do the five classes. You can choose an mp5. Or you can choose a shotgun. Both have their particular strengths and weaknesses and must be handled differently. But both are primary weapons.
  14. It does go where you shoot it... to a point. Its a short range projectile and goes unstable after a distance like rpgs do. So when seeing how it plays out over time as people get more experience with it will show how it goes. It may be useless for some but good for others depending. I was killed by it quite often in testing to the glee of the shooters. But you never know. I can hardly hit a thing with a saw but Im not very good at it. Speaking of rpgs. Do you aim at the player directly hoping for an impact kill? Or do you aim at the area you want it to explode?
  15. Its supposed to be side arm class with short range and small explosives not like a smaw in a pistol. However perhaps it needs a somewhat faster fire rate. That said, its not very good for players that like to go pop-pop-pop with their guns while hopping around.