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  1. LOL I did. Yaccster and Piglo don't exactly like my fat ass. LOL
  2. Can't be worse than me and they have seen my fatass lol
  3. Absolutely. All Gave Some, Some gave All. Freedom is not free.
  4. Thunder


    I realized this morning the 1050Ti is pci 3.0. My Mother board is only 2.0. My brother had a motherboard lying around so all I needed was a Case, DDR4 Ram. MB had a chip already in it
  5. Thunder


    I think I am gonna pull the trigger and Just buy a new Motherboard, Chip, Memory, Video Card and Liquid cooler for chip.
  6. Thunder


    I am not video card literate. I am looking to maybe upgrade my 1050 Ti without upgrading my Motherboard. Has to be PCI express 2.0. Any suggestions.
  7. Hmmm that is less than a 6 hour drive from me.
  8. LOL no the PTC was malfunctioning and we kept stopping for no reason. It's bad enough we hit a car in Florida on Sunday and killed the driver.
  9. I am on an Amtrak train and fucking PTC won't stop acting up, come fix it. hahahaha
  10. Just wanted to thank everyone for their Thought and Prayers
  11. The last week and a half have been very difficult for me and my family, if you could please just keep us in your thoughts and prayers as my mom was hospitalized on Wed Aug 25th for her severe COPD and Pneumonia and tested positive for covid but lost her battle on Sat Aug 28th. I tried to make it the 1300 miles before she passed but was not in time. My family and I are so heart broken and now I tasked with finding a place for my Father and Brother to live so I will be busy for awhile. Thank You
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