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  1. Or drag em in.... Better judged by 12 than carried by 6.
  2. When you get yours gimme a holler....we can go do some skeet or trap. Get to know the gun and we'll get a "I met ya" badge too!!
  3. NJ all you need is a federal gun license for rifles and shotguns. For handguns you need individual permits, so if I was you I'd get the fed lic. and put in for 2 permits for handguns. You dont need to go out and get a handgun but I think they are good for 12 months so it wont hurt to apply for that too. Go to your local police station and get the forms. You will need to get finger printed and they used to (when I got mine) do it at the station but I get finger printed a lot for the various other licenses I have and its now BIG business at a finger print center. Bullshit but....
  4. I own a bunch of shotguns but my first and favorite and most versatile is my Remington 870 express. I bought it (OMG) 30yrs ago.... It came with 2 barrels (1 slug barrel and 1 Bird shot barrel) and a few different chokes. It never jammed in my recollection, can bang through the woods and mud/rain and still is very affordable. I deer hunt with the slug barrel (or just blow holes in shit) and Bird and skeet/trap shoot with the shot barrel. And don't let the skeet/trap shooters lead you on...with practice you can break both birds with a pump... Mine is 12 ga. So...its cheap, dependable, versatile, durable and easy as anything to use.
  5. This looks like yours.....
  6. I'm figurin' ya didn't post the BEST part.. Cars, ice cream and shooting....awesome!!
  7. This is the most disturbing music video I've ever seen...
  8. Hope your Birthday was awesome Hunter..!!!
  9. That's some mid-life crisis shit right there....sweet....and it for sure looks like you got the roads there to enjoy it!!! Grats....
  10. Most awesome....I had the best time raising mine....unfortunately they grew up. Its not the same.... But seriously, congratulations. It is unbelievable how we can make cool little people.....!!!
  11. Got any hot tips??
  12. I enforce a dress code....if a service tech shows up at your home with ripped jeans, a 76 Stones shirt (heh) uncombed hair and crappy sneakers, how comfortable would you feel with him working on your heating system considering its fire and carbon monoxide and stuff....Its not my sense of power but the credibility and reputation of the company at stake. People judge looks...cant change that. Now when I game.....well like @TBB said.....8x10's available for sale...rofl....
  13. Thoughts and Prayers incoming....sorry to hear your daughter is dealing with this...
  14. ROFL....wasn't what I expected...heh...