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  2. I'm almost certain you need to install every patch and in order....I
  3. If you have any left hit me up too please...if they are games I wont play I'll post here and pass em on.... steam id: deerejon
  4. I thought you were just really really hungry....
  5. ***Post was edited**** This was just a rant after 12 days non stop working with millennials. Those who read it thanks for letting me vent and to those that missed it your better
  6. a little disturbing that 1/2 a gallon???
  7. Hey Damit...hope you had an awesome day!!! Happy Birthday Man!!!
  8. That would be it....
  9. I'll be here...
  10. LOL...thats my brother in law...and yeah he is the "thing"
  11. Got an Aussie care package for xmas. The VoVo's were outstanding, The Anzac biscuits are a hit...the boomerang can take my son down from across the house...and the Vegemite made it to the xmas table...I'm pretty sure it's still there....(who eats that stuff?? lol...) Thanks @Bosun and Mrs. Bosun for the package...was awesome!!! Happy New Year to all the idiots and family!!! PS. See if you can spot the vegemite....
  12. So if YOU were buying a new TV, which would you get?? I was looking at this but truth be told what the hell do I know....shit changes so fast whats great TODAY?? I really want a new TV and I am an impulse buyer and want to get one this weekend.
  13. Talk about leaving an impression....
  14. Next snow I'ma drive by with my plow and close your driveway....!!!