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  1. deerejon

    and i have a cod5 iso for you if you get the key
  2. mp_cw_pacific mp_cw_trainwreck mp_el mp_hangar mp_hunt mp_hurtgen mp_louret mp_maquina mp_marsh mp_mohdm3 mp_omcbrest_ffa mp_psycho mp_rb mp_sabre mp_shrine mp_sperrkreis_1 mp_stalemate mp_storm mp_tge mp_vodka Enjoy!!
  3. I know I am late with the rotation (work work work) but promise to have it changed before the night shift clocks in.... Thanks for your patience !!
  4. deerejon

    I would think that through.....🙈🙉🙊 Welcome to the forums!!!
  5. deerejon

    Have an awesome Day!!
  6. Ok all...I have been trying to arrange it so as many as possible can be in attendance but thats like herding cats.... So, I am going to make an executive decision based upon the MOST people being available. So...Hows the 27th at 5:00pm EST (GMT -4) This is the time frame most are available and the weekend that most are available. Maps to be announced and as soon as I got them loaded on the trny server I will give out the password for you all to scope out and formulate strategies... Oh yeah one more thing....there will be one designated sniper per team....to cover the advance !!!
  7. deerejon

    Elvis is a little sensitive about this....remember that time??? lol....
  8. deerejon

    Have a really awesome Birthday!!!
  9. deerejon

    I dont know what your saying there.....As far as I know the voting is still going on??
  10. Also, for those that use it the downloader is updated as well...I forgot to do that last time... 😜
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  12. Right now its clan only...if you only went inactive why don't you post to be reinstated?
  13. deerejon

    Good Thoughts Your Way!!! And a speedy recovery!!