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  1. K3 1.53 By Kill3r

    Mod creator: Kill3r
    Website: http://www.kill3rcreations.co.uk/index.php
    Features: =====================================================================

    Auto turrets
    Laser mines
    Lock-on rockets
    Laser guided rockets
    Dark natter cannon
    EMP Grenades
    Freeze grenades
    Sticky proximity grenades
    Anthrax gas

    New quick chat menu options:
    Deploy Time Bubble
    Laser ON/OFF
    Third Person ON/OFF
    Left / Right handed weapon
    Change crosshair
    Status voices
    Invisibility cloak
    Deploy med station
    Place spawn beacon
    View stats
    Place teleporter

    New weapon sounds for:
    Mini Uzi
    M249 SAW
    M40A3 Sniper
    Dragunov Sniper
    Barrett Sniper
    Desert Eagle
    Grenade explosions

    New weapon models:
    RPG            ->    AT4 Rocket Launcher
    MP5 Red dot        ->    MP5 Red dot + silencer
    M4 Grenade launcher    ->    M4 Grenade launcher + eotech (square red dot thing)
    MP44            ->    AR20 Carbine
    M40A3 Sniper        ->    erm... another sniper model

    New skins for:
    M249 SAW
    USP .45
    Silver Desert Eagle
    All camos have been changed apart from the digital and gold camos

    New helicopter models
    Loads of blood, bodies have a chance of gibbing when killed with an explsive, shotgun or Barrett .50cal
    Blood on your screen when hurt, and goes on other players screen if they are close enough
    Killing sprees
    Message center
    Damage modifiers
    Weapon spawn ammo changable
    Challenges, weapon/perk unlocks and create-a-class, just like normal CoD4
    Camo and challenges in ModWarfare mode
    Pain sounds
    Death sounds
    Vortex Portals
    Automatic M16 (only when no attachments are used)
    Automatic G3 (only when no attachments are used)
    End of match stats
    Extra ambient sounds
    Cars get damaged if you land on one and get hurt from the fall
    Night mode
    Spec the winner in UT3 style
    Ambient mortars
    Up to 11 Map vote
    Killcams that we were meant to get in 1.7
    Ion cannon
    Mortar barrage
    Meteor shower
    Black hawk helicopter, when used you can fly around in it, use the mingiun and fire locking on rocket
    Binoculars are used to target the mortar barrage and meteor shower
    Lightning storms
    Status voices
    Invisibility cloak
    Fully customizable taunts
    Auto assign only option
    Searchable dead bodies
    Anti camp system
    Med packs
    Med stations
    Kills and time remaining announcments
    UAV planes circle the map while UAV is active, UAV planes can also be shot down by the enemy team
    Options for perfectly still scopes while holding your breath
    Spawn beacons
    Admin commands
    And much more!

    Auto Turrets:
    Auto turrets automatically scan the area for nearby enemies, if an enemy is in range the turret will open fire on them.
    The damage and fire rate can be increased if the owner has the either the Stopping Power or Double Tap perks.
    Auto Turrets take 3 seconds to arm once deployed.

    Laser Mines:
    Once a laser mine is deployed, a beam will emit from it and travel across the map until it hits an object
    If the beam is broken by an enemy going in to it, he will instantly get blown up.
    Laser Mines take 2 seconds to arm once landing on a suitable surface.

    Locking-on Rocket Launcher:
    To lock-on with this, you must aim at a player until the lock-on bar reaches the end and says "LOCKED ON"
    The player that you are locking on to will receive a warning sign that apears on their HUD indicating that they are
    being locked on to.
    Lock-on rockets can also be used againt helicopters.

    Laser guided Rocket Launcher:
    Once a laser guided rocket has been launched, you have full control over where it travels too.
    To control the missiles just aim at the position where you want them to travel to.

    Dark Matter cannon:
    The damage of the Dark Matter Cannon is decided on how long you have charged it for, to charge the cannon up you hold fire
    while having it selected then release to fire. A number in the right hand side of you screen indicates the maximum damage
    that it will inflict on the enemy.

    Freeze Grenade:
    Freeze grenades replace flash grenades and are ideal for reducing a players vision and slowing them down

    EMP Grenade:
    The EMP Grenade is a very useful item, it can be used to disable enemy Auto Turrets, Laser Mines, Sticky Proximity Grenade, diable cloaking and
    decrease players visibility.

    Sticky Proximity Grenade:
    Proximity grenades will stick to any surface (apart from players), once it has stuck to a surface it will then watch for any enemies that
    come close to it, then detonate.

    Time Bubble:
    Time bubbles stop any kind of bullet and explosions from passing in or out of it. Time bubbles can also repel enemies that get too close.

    Vortex Portals:
    These spawn at random TDM spawns through out the match, if you go in one you get teleported to a random TDM spawn.

    To get Rage, you must get 10 kills with less than 3 deaths. While you have rage your health regenerates and your speed is increased.

    Spawn beacons:
    Spawn beacons allow you to have some control over where you respawn, if you have a beacon deployed when you repsawn
    you will spawn at a random spawn within a set radius of it instead of spawning near your team mates.
    Spawn beacons can also alert you when it "sees" ememy players nearby.

    Also includes:
    Freeze Tag gametype (v1.2)
    A modified SD game type, the SD bomb sites can be moved

    Installing: =====================================================================



    in Call of Duty 4/Mods/k3/
    set the server's fs_game to k3

    If you had a previous version of K3 and wish to keep your rank, use the same mod folder.

    Stuff Added/fixed: ======================================================================

    [F] = Fixed
    [+] = Added
    [C] = Changed / improved

    [31/03/2008] v1:
    Initial release

    [01/05/2008] v1 -> v1.1:
    [F] Fixed the 128 weapon assets problem
    [+] No crosshiar and HUD flashes on and off when EMP'd
    [F] Normal crosshair now avalible
    [+] Damage modifiers
    [C] Changed health pack model (its my first good model made from scratch - made with MilkShape)
    [+] Health packs spin and float
    [F] Easier to see while in rage
    [F] Cant throw back sticky proxy nades
    [F] Laser mines damage down to 250, it was the players max health * 2
    [+] Laser mines have different colour lasers depending whos teams it is (Allies = red, Axis = yellow)
    [+] Automatic M16 (only when no attachments are used)
    [F] Auto turrets can aim down now
    [+] Added commands for activation time on laser mines, auto turrets and proxys
    [+] Option to turn MGs off
    [F] It says when you get UAV and stuff now
    [+] Cars get damaged if you land on one and get hurt from the fall
    [+] Option to turn off the range finder, or only on while ADS
    [C] EMP and Freeze time depends on how far away from the center you are, it also accumalates so if you get EMP'd or frozen while already EMP'd or frozen, the time adds up
    [+] Added pain sounds
    [+] Extra ambient sounds - gun fire, distant helicopters ect.
    [+] Option to turn off freeze controls at start and end of rounds
    [F] Damage origin and direction improved for darkmatter, laser guided rockets, lasermines and auto turrets
    [+] New darkmatter options - min and max charge, what happens when it reaches max charge - reset, force fire or just stay at max
    [+] Darkmatter charge sound
    [C] When locked on to someone with lock-on rocket launcher, it says "LOCKED ON TO: [player name]"
    [+] Challenages, weapon/perk unlocks and create-a-class are avilable, just like normal CoD4
    [C] Improved blood, gibs and gib physics
    [C] Moved rage bar from the bottom to the side
    [F] Fixed server log getting spammed from dvar settings and stuff
    [+] Sniper trails, like halo, though the trail doesnt go where the bullet goes... but its good enough
    [+] Added some kinda special teleporters called Vortex Porals (lol... watta name), these spawn at random TDM spawns through out the match, if you go in one you get teleported to a random TDM spawn
    [+] Added a night mode, black sky ect.
    [+] Spec the winner in UT3 style (winner can be the guy who got last kill or guy with highest score)
    [+] Match stats at end of the map
    [+] New barrel skins
    [+] New nightvision overlay
    [F] Reduced the number of xmodels loaded into the mod.ff... now loads more maps work
    And a number of other small things...

    [02/05/2008] v1.1 -> v1.11:
    [F] Script error when a player disconnects, forgot to put an endon in
    [F] Rage keeps from round to round instead of resetting
    [C] End of match stats changed from client HUD element to a global HUD element
    [C] Changed default setting for specing winner from off to guy who got the last kill

    [18/05/2008] v1.11 -> v1.2:
    [F] Removed a secret "back door"
    [C] Turned down the engine volume on the new helicopter
    [+] Added dvars to set distances from objects such as the DOM flags where you cant deploy Time bubbles
    [+] Added a dvar so you can set the maximum range for the laser from laser mines
    [+] Added mortars that drop down randomly around the map or near players
    [+] Smoke grenades changed to Nerve gas
    [F] Vortexes go on the ground properly now
    [+] Added a dvar to change the range of the auto turrets
    [+] MP44 changed to AR20 Carbine
    [+] M40A3 changed to some other sniper model
    [F] When shot by an auto turret, the blood from the player goes the right way
    [+] Added a dvar so you can have the normal helicopter or the new one
    [+] Added dvars so you can turn the Freeze grenades and EMP greandes on or off
    [+] Added a marker thing that appears over enemy proxy nades for 2 seconds when they land, can be turned off
    [+] Added a broken glass effect on your screen when shot in the head
    [+] Added a dvar option so you cant ADS (Aim Down Sight) while not on the ground
    And a number of other small things...

    [12/08/2008] v1.2 -> v1.3 BETA:
    [+] The killcams that the PC CoD4 was meant to have in v1.7 are now in K3 New killcams work on auto turrets, rockets, laser mines, frag nades, proxy nades, the nades from grenade launchers, airstrikes, C4, claymores, ambient mortars, mortar barrages, meteors and all the normal stuff that they worked on before.
    [+] 5 Map vote
    [C] Changed auto turret default damage from 5 to 10
    [F] Fixed if vortexes are turned off, players couldnt die
    [F] Time bubble life dvar fixed (couldnt be changed from 60 seconds before)
    [+] Added options for how much ammo players spawn with (each weapon and attachment can all have different ammo set)
    [F] Fixed script error with ambient mortars on some maps
    [+] More laser options - Always off / Client option / Force on with nightvision, client option when nightvision off / Only on with nightvision / Client option with nightvision, force off with no nightvision
    [C] Lock on rockets are now fully scripted, firing at players from far away will always hit... unless they get come cover
    [+] More kill streak rewards - UAV, Airstrike, Ion cannon, Mortar Barrage, Meteor shower, Helicopter, Blackhawk helicopter - when used you fly inside it and can shoot out of it (thanks to xhOlyx)
    [+] Binoculars are used to target the mortar barrage and meteor showers
    [F] Proxy nades are easier to destroy (better hit box/ bullet collision w/e)
    [F] MP44 image in the menus has been changed to the AR20 image
    [F] M40A1 image in the menus has been changed to the new sniper image (its a bit squashed :/)
    [+] Option to set proxy nades to have different colour lasers depending whos teams it is (Allies = blue, Axis = red)
    [F] scr_enable_music can now turn off the music at spawn
    [+] Auto turrets now have health, and can be repaired by the owner or other team mates
    [+] Option to keep laser mines, proxy nades and auto turrets after respawn
    [+] Added an option to turn off the fancy text and replace with the normal iPrintlnBold, this will greatly reduce the chance of getting the G_FindConfigstringIndex: overflow (309): <word/string here> error
    [F] End of match stats are now working
    [+] New HUD fuel and distance bars for laser guided rockets
    [C] Nerve gas has been changed to anthrax
    [+] More hit icon options - off / on / only icon / only sound
    [+] Option to have the hit icon colour change depending how much damage was done - full green = 0 damage, going up to full red which is 100 damage
    [+] Added an extra hit icon, if you shoot someone through a wall the bullet penetration icon will appear
    [+] Added an option to completely turn of bullet penetration
    [+] Camo has been added to ModWarfare mode
    [F] Headicons on proxy nades and laser mines are now always infront of them instead of above them
    [+] dvardef has been added, this allows the admin to turn certain options on or off for different gametypes and maps
    [+] Added options for turning lock on rockets, laser guided rockets and the dark matter cannon on or off
    [+] Changed ragdoll sounds, they have more of a "thud" when they land now
    [+] Added an Add to favs option in the menus
    [+] Challenges work on ModWarfare mode now
    [+] Added status voices from HL2, like "Major fracture detected" if you fall and get hurt alot (can be turned on or off via the quick chat menu)
    [+] New fire sound for the G36C
    [+] New grenade explosion sounds
    [C] Sniper zoom out is now the grenade button instead of use button
    [C] New laser mine model, isnt a C4 model anymore
    [C] All camos have been changed
    [C] The red dot in the red dot attachment has been changed
    [C] The red dot lens skin has been changed, some help from NovemberDobby with making it
    [C] The ACOG scope arrow has been changed to a red dot
    [F] Fixed knife delay time bug with the silenced G3
    [C] Taunts have been moved to the .iwd so you can change them to whatever you want
    [F] Bomb squad perk works on the auto turrets, laser mines and proxy grenades now
    [+] Added a HUD thingy showing your current kill streak each time you kill someone (looks quite cool ^^)
    [+] Crazy melons! (just a crazy skin )
    [F] mp_crossfire works with the BETA, but wont with the full v1.3
    And a number of other small things...

    [21/03/2009] v1.3 BETA -> v1.4:
    [C] Scripts have be optimized (Reduces lag and server CPU load)
    [F] Numerous script runtime errors have been fixed
    [C] Blood and other FX optimized and added LOD to various models (Increases FPS)
    [+] Searchable dead bodies with customizable search messages
    [F] Fixed a time bubble bug were if you respawn just as it starts to disappear you cant deploy another one
    [F] Fixed bug if vortexes are turned off then you cant kill anyone
    [F] Fixed time bubble life dvar not working
    [C] Knife changed to a spiky club (Thanks to xh0lyx)
    [+] Blackhawk is now avaible, when used you go inside it and fire at the enemy below (Thanks to xh0lyx)
    [C] Auto turret, dark matter, new sniper and AR20 menu and kill icons improved
    [C] Laser guided rocket fuel and distance bars moved from the top to the center of the screen
    [F] Fixed sniper zoom out sometimes throws a grenade
    [+] Auto turrets now fire rockets at helicopters
    [+] Locked on rockets have a HUD icon above them
    [F] Fixed damage modifiers also effecting knife damage
    [C] Improved proxy player detection, proxys on ceilings and high places will now blow up when a player walks under it
    [+] Proxy grenades make a BEEP BEEP sound when an enemy player is close but not close enough to blow up
    [+] Added an option so hard point streaks dont reset when you die
    [+] Added anti camp system
    [+] Added med packs
    [C] Imporved health pack model
    [C] Improved rocket collision, the chance a rocket will go though the ground or object is almost 0, no matter how fast the rocket it travelling
    [+] Added options for laser mine damage - Kill the player who tripped the mine only / Radius damage where the beam is broken / Raduis damage from the acual laser mine
    [+] Locked on rockets can be shot down
    [+] Added a handle to auto turrets, looks better than having the hands inside the model
    [+] New blood FX
    [C] Vortex FX is more vortexy
    [+] New rocket model
    [+] New fire sound for AK74U
    [C] Changed fire sound for AK47
    [+] Added auto assign only option
    [+] Fully customizable taunts
    [+] Added an invisibility cloak feature
    [+] Lockon rockets can now lockon to helicopters
    [+] Added a UAV plane that circles the map when a UAV is currently up, the plane can also be shot down to stop the enemies UAV
    [+] Players can now press their knife button to set the target origin for laser guided rockets once it has been fired
    [+] Added announcer saying number of kills remaining (DM and WAR only, 10, 5 and 1 kills)
    [+] Added announcer saying time remaining (5 min, 3 min, 2 min, 1 min, 30 secs then 10 - 1 secs)
    [+] Added an option for how long you can hold your breath for with snipers
    [+] Added an option to set perfectly still scopes for snipers when holding your breath
    [C] Improved night mode
    [+] Added ability to disarm enemy lasermines by looking at it and holding USE
    [+] Added stats menu
    And a number of other small things...

    [03/08/2009] v1.4 -> v1.5:
    [F] Fixed _teams.gsc problem (fixes the red line across your screen on some custom maps)
    [+] Added an option for setting number of time bubbles you can use per life
    [F] Fixed when disarming a lasermine while hurt you also start healing yourself
    [C] New blood splats on your screen
    [+] Added various options for knife
    [+] Added a med station
    [+] Added an option for setting the maximum number of auto turrets, lasermines and proxy nades a player can have deployed
    [C] Made sight on the AR20 carbine bigger
    [+] Added spawn beacons
    [+] Added options for setting number of points you get for things like headshots
    [+] Added a few admin commands
    [C] Can now have up to 10 maps in map vote + replay current map option
    [C] Changed rage fx
    [F] Fixed bug with cloak when turning it off
    [+] Added an option to disable destructible cars
    [C] Easier to lock on players at long range with locking on rocket laucher
    [C] New ion cannon fx
    [C] Changed airstrike bomb fx
    [+] Settings like laser, crosshair and thirdperson are saved and restroed each time you enter the server again
    [C] Changed rocket trail fx
    [C] Moved cloak and rage bars on the HUD around a bit
    [+] Added options for airstrike damage and radius
    [F] Fixed new helicopter minigun and rockets firing into the sky
    [C] Improved various fx
    [C] Can fire more then 1 laser guided missile
    [+] Added HUD stats for kills, headshots, knife kills and deaths
    [C] Managed to remove a model, some more custom maps may now work
    [+] Added an option to force third person on for everyone
    [+] Added an option to turn off damage info
    [+] Supports Rat House v2 (v1.4 would crash with G_FindConfigstringIndex: overflow (1598): 'fx name here')
    And a number of other small things...

    [06/08/2009] v1.5 -> 1.51:
    [F] Fixed error with CoD4 health regen enabled
    [F] Fixed error with DM forfeit
    [F] Fixed setting points you get for headshots ect not working in most gametypes
    [F] Fixed error with entity head icons while in DM
    [F] Fixed error when normal blood splats are turned off but blood splat caused by explosives turned on
    [+] Added an option for knife kill points
    [C] Changed blood splat options from just on/off to a chance of getting splats on your screen
    [+] Added an option for old style blood splats (old style = randomly placed / new style = a row of blood splats across the screen)

    [15/08/2010] v1.51 -> v1.6
    [+] Added a sort of shield armour (acts like more health, but no knockback from damage and various other things)
    [+] Proxy sticky grenades now has their own model
    [+] New perk - Hacker, use this to steal other players devices like auto turrets, laser mines, claymores, C4 and proxy nades
    [+] New perk - Teleporter, placing 2 nodes allows team mates to teleport between them
    [+] New kill streak - Lightning storm
    [+] Overkill perk is now available in ModWarfare mode
    [+] Gold camo is now available in ModWarfare mode
    [+] Classes created in ModWarfare mode are now saved, you don't need to recreate your class each time you load a new map
    [+] Added an option for invisible spawn protection
    [+] Added an option for giving more points when you kill an enemy in mid-air
    [+] Added an option to set whether the lock on rocket follows players through walls or not
    [+] Added an option for knife only mode
    [+] Added the Apache helicopter, allies get the K3 helicopter and axis get the Apache
    [+] Added CTF gametype
    [+] Added an option for instant ion cannon firing
    [+] Added some new kill taunts
    [+] Added options for player based map rotations
    [+] Auto turrets can now fire rockets at players as well as helicopters
    [C] Modified the dark matter cannon and FX a little
    [C] Modified rocket smoke trail FX
    [C] Improved blackhawk, bugs should be fixed, now has a controllable minigun with locking on rockets
    [C] Improved sniper trails, if the sniper bullet hits a damageable entity (like a car or player) the trail will go to exactly where it hit
    [C] Improved HUD graphics like the health bar
    [C] Changed EMP, freeze and anthrax icons
    [C] Rocket types (lock on, laser guided, dark matter) have been moved to individual perks (ModWarfare mode only, non-ModWarfare uses the old pick screen)
    [C] Ion cannon now has its own kill icon (it used the air strike one before)
    [C] Improved killcam when watching auto turrets, rockets and stuff
    [C] Made various FX prettier, like the ion cannon and meteor shower
    [C] Various other improvements, bug fixes, additional features and options
    [F] Fixed laser guided rockets sometimes playing the default explosion effect on the wrong surface
    [F] Fixed the health bar being the wrong colour if max health wasn't set to 100
    [F] Hopefully less chance of getting the CL_CGameNeedsServerCommand error when connecting
    [F] HUD is no longer stretched on wide screens
    [F] Fixed the M4 eotech having no red dot
    And a number of other small things...

    [15/08/2010] v1.6 -> v1.61
    [C] Removed a weapon file that shouldn't have be in the mod
    [F] Typo in cloak script where trying to disable cloak in k3.cfg wouldn't work

    [16/08/2010] v1.61 -> v1.62
    [+] Added options for disabling weapons for use with overkill
    [F] Fixed weapon selection for overkill not working properly

    [29/08/2010] v1.62 -> v1.63
    [+] Added option for setting distance from CTF flag where you can't deploy a time bubble
    [F] Fixed teleporter being damageable by team mates
    [F] Fixed bug when turning shield off resulting in players not being able to die
    [F] Fixed crosshair turning back on when respawning
    [F] Fixed problems with non-ModWarfare mode

    Known Bugs: ======================================================================

    Some stock maps do not work with this mod because of the 1000 loaded xmodel assets limit, the maps are:

    Some stock maps will kick all the clients for a Weapon Mismatch error on round restart or when restarted with \fast_restart, the maps are:

    Ragdolls sometimes spaz out if the player was killed by a headshot (and sometimes explosives) so if you see artifacts, don't worry, its probably just a spazed out ragdoll
    Killcam view can only move on the up-down axis of the entity that killed you :/

    CL_CGameNeedsServerCommand: A reliable command was cycled out. (just \reconnect if it happens)
    G_FindConfigstringIndex: overflow (309): <word/string here>   If this happens alot, try changing k3_textmode in k3.cfg

    Credits: ======================================================================

    Idea for rocket type menu from his CoD4 zombie mod menu (one of the older versions)
    Time Bubble model
    Getting .mb maya models to .XMODEL_EXPORT... mine just doesn't want to work for some reason, but now it does
    Various sounds and images

    The club model (removed in v1.6)
    Idea and base script for the blackhawk helicopter

    Opfor and marines glove and arm skins

    SP to MP weapons -
    Silver Desert Eagle    ->    2-Tone Desert Eagle
    RPG            ->    AT4 Rocket Launcher
    MP5 Red dot        ->    MP5 Red dot + silencer
    G3            ->    Automatic G3
    M4 Grenade launcher    ->    M4 Grenade launcher + eotech

    M21 Sniper        ->    M21 Sniper silenced + ghilled camo

    Ze Limper:
    SAW, M4 and M16 skins

    customcod.com Staff:
    First version beta testing

    A load of CoD:UO mods for some of the weapon sounds

    Helicopter model:

    Auto Turret model:

    Dark Matter Cannon model:

    Sniper model:

    AR20 Carbine model:

    The red dot on the red dot attachment:

    The red dot on the ACOG attachment:

    New barrel skins:

    New nightvision overlay:

    Laptop and monitor screen skins:

    Mariens spawn music:        Feeder - Just a day
    Spetsnaz spawn music:        Basshunter - Camilla
    Spetsnaz victory music:        Basshunter - I Can Walk On Water
    Main menu music:        Take me home - After Midnight Project
    Rage Music:            Iron Maiden - The Trooper

    SAS spawn music:        Steppenwolf - Born to Be Wild
    OpFor spawn music:        Nickelback - Rockstar
    Marines victory music:        Kool And The Gang - Celebration
    SAS victory music:        ???
    OpFor victory music:        As I Lay Dying - Forever


    Xfire: zak4000 / kill3rzor
    Email: [email protected]

    All original and composed textures or assets in this modification remain property of
    the sources respective owners.

    The assets of this modification are for a non-commercial and non-profit purpose.




  2. Alien Vs Predator 3.0 by Insane

    Mod creator: Insane
    Info in the readme.txt




  3. Alien Mod 2.2 by Insane

    Mod Creator: Insane
    No details




  4. FrontLines Reloaded Mod by Hajas

    Mod creator: Hajas
    website : http://www.mods.hajas.org/cod4_frontlines.htm
    description is in the readme.txt




  5. Deathrun 1.2 by Braxi

    Mod by: Braxi
    Website: http://braxi.org/forum/index.php
    The classical mod in which a single player fights alone against the other team,
    his only weapons are his deadly traps. The players in the opposite team have
    to kill the trapmaster after finishing his course without dying.


    DEATH RUN MAPS    : http://braxi.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=5
    BUG REPORTS    : http://braxi.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=6
    DISCUSSION    : http://braxi.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=7
    TUTORIALS    : http://braxi.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=11
    PLUGINS     : http://braxi.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=12


     Change log:

    1.2 BETA [28.09.2012]:
    >> This release is the most stable version of mod. <<

    [+] Abilities
    [+] Two new characters
    [+] Five new sprays
    [+] Player Cards
    [+] Time records
    [+] Challenges
    [+] Damage modifiers
    [+] Message of the day
    [+] Added nine more ranks, maximum rank is now 30
    [+] Easter egg
    [+] Weapon damage modifiers
    [+] Redesigned HUD
    [+] One new weapon - Colt Anaconda .44
    [+] Insertion
    [+] More dvars to configure server
    [+] Customizable server logo
    [+] Characters have diferent hands (atleast half of them...)

    [C] Half EXP in free run rounds
    [C] A better anti rank hack system
    [C] Changed administration access system
    [C] Redesigned menus *I hope You enjoy them*

    [-] Removed spray names and theirs descriptions
    [-] Removed dvar "dr_pickingsystem", might come back in v1.3...

    [F] Fixed overlaping sounds when maps have custom music
    [F] Fixed bug allowing players to respawn at any time
    [F] Fixed other various bugs

    I think i forgot something this time, remind me if you find something that should be listed here ^^


    1.1 HOTFIX (1.1+) [02.02.2012]:

    [+] Help menu
    [+] Player guid is now shown in admin menu

    [C] Rcon command "wtf" has now explosion
    [C] ACP command is now bindable from options menu

    [F] Teleport command works in ACP
    [F] Plugins load correctly
    [F] Life icons are now displayed in correct position on the screen
    [F] Fixed bug with selecting players in ACP


    1.1 [26.01.2012]:

    [+] Added new option for free run (activator can't call free run if he already used trap) [see deathrun.cfg]    
    [+] Activator gets +5 Xp for activating trap [see deathrun.cfg]
    [+] Activator gets +10 Xp for every jumper killed with trap or world
    [+] Added hud item showing current round
    [+] Current round is now shown on the screen as well as lifes and alive jumpers
    [+] Fully implemented lifes system
    [+] Added option to load plugins (custom scripts)
    [+] Added map's records
    [+] Added 3 new playable characters
    [+] 21 diferent sprays total
    [+] Added weapon unlocks
    [+] Player bodies explode in some cases
    [+] Added events such as first blood and last alive jumper
    [+] New rcon command "wtf"
    [+] Added admin menu and permission levels to administration system

    [C] Redesigned best players board
    [C] Changed method of picking activator so everyone should be, atleast once, picked to be activator during map
    [C] Deaths in 1st (free run) round are not counted (if there's freerun round enabled)
    [C] Traps cannot be activated by Jumpers
    [C] Spray names are now editable in file "dr_sprays.cfg" inside deathrun.iwd
    [C] Up to 10 end round songs in MP3 format, their names are displayed in-game and can be changed in file "dr_songs.cfg"

    [F] Fixed crash exploit in playerDisconnect() function
    [F] Fixed crash exploit after restarting round or game via admin command "adm restart"
    [F] Fixed troubles in core that restricted spawn in some cases when there was only 1 player on server
    [F] Fixed problems with picking activator, this will solve problem with two or more activators
    [F] Fixed crash exploits, every player was able to crash linux server runing Death Run
    [F] Map image in main in-game menu is now shown correctly
    [F] 'Probably' fixed problem with lag jump glitches, thanks to mnaauuu for this fix
    [F] Fixed security hole allowing players to select any spray they want without unlocking it first


    1.02 [08.05.2011]:

    [+] Added client side command "openScriptMenu dr whois:<nick>" displaying info about picked player
    [+] Added client side command "openScriptMenu dr admins" showing list of online admins
    [+] Added client side commands "openScriptMenu 2don/2doff" to enable/disable hud elements
    [C] Inluded missing dvars to deathrun.cfg
    [F] Fixed little bug


    1.01 [29.04.2011]:

    [F] Fixed crash exploit in admin command "spawn"
    [F] Added fix for mp_deathrun_portal
    [F] Fixed "rw" admin command


    1.0 [25.04.2011] (FIRST PUBLIC RELEASE):

    [+] Added normal bunny hooping
    [+] Added more dvars
    [+] In admin tools you can select player by name [ex. \rcon set adm "warn:brax:test"]
    [+] Added "kill" option to AFK monitor
    [+] New messaging system
    [+] Added "admin" group, players will see "ADMIN" text above admin's head
    [+] Admins are automatically logged to rcon
    [+] Redesigned main in-game menu
    [+] More statistics are now displayed in "player info" menu

    [C] Knife is back for jumpers
    [C] Third person camera re-enabled at the end of round (in previous version removed)
    [C] End round sounds can be turned off now

    [F] Fixed bug in 'best players board' showing best player with most kills but should display player with highest score
    [F] Fixed engine bug that allowed to kill through wall
    [F] Fixed 'elevator glitch' while pro bunny hooping
    [F] Fixed some little bugs...
    [F] Included fixed scripts for maps: mp_deathrun_grassy, mp_deathrun_short_v3 & mp_dr_bananaphone
    [F] Fixed admin command "bounce"
    [F] Fixed player info box in "Rank & Challenges" menu
    [F] Fixed possible bug in ranks


    0.9 beta:

    [+] Added pro bunny hooping (not fully implemented yet)
    [+] Activator can choose FREE RUN round.
    [+] Added player menu with options such as "Toggle 3rd Person Camera", "Suicide" and ability to join other server(s)
    [+] Added new abilities for mappers, see http://www.braxi.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=211
    [+] Added more admin commands, see admin_tools.txt for help
    [+] Added message showing who killed activator
    [+] New hand model
    [+] Added new characters such as: Masterchief & Juggernaut
    [+] Replaced knife with tomahawk
    [+] Changed map names in map voting, for example. "Dungeon" instread "mp_deathrun_dungeon"

    [C] Free run round starts with 1 player
    [C] AFK monitor will not check Activator
    [C] Rewritten code marked as "TEMP" for better pings and to keep scripts clean
    [C] Replaced "player connected." with "player entered the game"
    [C] Changed "best players board" at the end of game
    [C] Added 2 seconds delay when switching game state from "playing" to "end map" to display who killed activator
    [C] Moved "alive jumpers" & clock under health bar
    [C] Permamently disabled bullet penetration

    [F] Included various fixes for maps: mp_deathrun_supermario, mp_deathrun_short & mp_deathrun_short_v2
    [F] Removed features that never worked due to engine limitations
    [F] Fixed bug that displayed "player disconnected." message two times
    [F] Fixed crash issues
    [F] Fixed bug that allowed to kill activator before round have been started
    [F] Fixed very strange bug that caused some features not working after respawn
    [F] Fixed 3rd person camera as spectator after end of round
    [F] At the end of map players cannot move when "best players board" is shown
    [F] Fixed some small bugs


    0.8 alpha:

    [+] Added dvars to control spray's delay and ability to restrict them on server
    [C] Removed bullet penetration

    [F] Jumpers couter is not drawn in free run anymore
    [F] Fixed bug that crashed server due to undefined guid, this happened only one time
    [F] Fixed problem with lag spike when switching back to team selection menu from character setup


    0.7 alpha:

    [+] Added new character
    [+] Added 12 sprays
    [+] Added new menu for character/spray selection
    [+] Activator gets +25XP for being picked & another 25XP when all jumpers die
    [+] Added health bar
    [+] Added hud that shows how many alive jumpers left
    [+] Added one new end round song

    [F] Scores are now saved between round restarts
    [F] Change to SAS character works now
    [F] Mod will kick AFK players even if their connection is interrupted.
    [F] Fixed bug in "caulk" material that allowed to kill activator on maps that use "caulk" as glass.
    [F] Blocked glitches on mp_deathrun_long


    0.6 alpha:

    [+] New, but not final, main menu
    [+] Added new characters that can be unlocked [Thanks to INSANE and |MACOM|Hacker for models]
    [+] Added next map voting [Again thanks to Bipo, he finished his own map voting before me ^^]
    [+] Players now see how many spectators are watching them

    [C] Changed log strings to work with Rcon Tools and B3 bot...
    [C] Clock looks much more better now

    [F] Fixed bug that caused map restart when server should change to next map
    [F] Fixed round not ending in some cases
    [F] Cleaned and sorted code alot
    [F] Anti rank hacking check really works now
    [F] Fixed little bugs...


    0.5 alpha:

    [+] Added check if rank was hacked and will restart player's rank if so... [Thanks to Bipo]
    [+] Added time limit
    [+] Added messages and timer

    [C] Changed round start
    [C] Death players may respawn in free run round
    [C] Activators have now night vision in inventory

    [F] Fixed some problems with XP bar [Thanks to Bipo]
    [F] Fixed some bugs that affected gameplay
    [F] Fixed AFK monitor temporary banning players
    [F] Included various fixes for map "mp_deathrun_long"


    0.4 alpha:

    [+] Added xp bar
    [+] Added admin commands
    [+] Added welcome messages
    [+] Added status icons
    [+] Added "Free Run" round
    [+] Added support for vision files
    [+] At the end of map game will display best players
    [+] Added more music
    [+] Added AFK monitor

    [C] Spectator wont be picked to be the activator
    [C] Player that was picked in last round wont be picked in next one

    [F] Fixed hint strings not showing due to hardcore hud
    [F] Fixed problem with game freezing caused by a player leaving game when only 2 players were on server
    [F] Fixed issues with missing team icons
    [F] Fixed "xxx connected." message showing every round restart



    *    BraXi - This mod.
        Xfire: braxpl

    *    Bipo - Map Voting and Credits scripts.
        Xfire: bipoalarmonk

    *    Duffman - Helping me with time triggers for "Time Records" feature
        Xfire: mani96x

    *    |MACOM|Hacker - Rigging: Zoey, Juggernaut, masterchief and new hands.
        Xfire: 05hepburn
    *    _INSANE_ - Converted Zakhaev and Farmer from SP to MP.
        Xfire: undertakerhs

    *    MR-X - Main Menu background.
        Xfire: mousasalem

    *    Etheross - Converted Shepherd, Makarov & Tomahawk to CoD4.
        Xfire: etheross





  6. X4 3.0RC5 Extreme+ Cod4 mod Joker

    Mod by: Joker and the Extreme+ team
    Website: mycallofduty.com


    1 comment


  7. Reign of the Undead 2.2.1 By Bipo & Mark A. Taff, aka |PZA| SPC Taff

    Mod Creator:
    Bipo & Mark A. Taff, aka |PZA| SPC Taff
    Change log from 2.2
    Enable night vision by default, and at no cost. Note in admin_default.cfg that at least one admin must be defined for the mod to run Fix teleporters and MG+Barrels so they cannot be emplaced too close to a shop or weapons crate. Fix bug where 'Restore Ammo' at shop restored c4, claymores, and tnt, which permitted players to exceed the per-player limits. 'Restore Ammo' now only restores bullets and grenades, as intended. Implement TNT. Make frag grenades hurt final zombie on 'explosives' kill method Added a clan-specific message to the main menu. Configurable in server.cfg. Fix for rare bug where barrels appeared to be 'stuck' to a player after they tried to emplace the barrel. See  Issue 6 . Issue where rcon password sometimes changed has been fixed. Add ability to sometimes, always, or never show zombies on the minimap. Configurable in server.cfg Force players to automatically drop a MG+Barrel turret when it runs out of ammo, so their body doesn't become hidden if they don't drop the turret immediately. Fix for an admin sometimes not being recognized as an admin such that they can't open the admin menu. The issue presented itself when multiple admins connected to the game within one second of each other. Reduce start and max ammo for the gold desert eagle from 500 to 250 rounds. Deprecate and remove the 2.1 map voting system Deprecate and remove _zombiescipt2.gsc and _zombiescript - kopie.gsc Increased sv_maptoing dvars to 10, which will allow for about 250 maps Support 12 of the CoD4 built-in maps via UMI--the rest have too many xmodels and will never work with RotU. Enable 'Start New Server' command from RotU menu. You will need a full install of RotU--the files downloaded while playing on someone's server are insufficient. New Unified Mapping Interface (UMI) replaces _zombiescript. Maps written to the _zombiescript interface will continue to work. We can now load maps that require external BTD waypoints and tradespawns. New file rotu_srv_mapdata.iwd holds tradespawn, waypoint, and main script files for non-native RotU maps. I will be writing a wiki tutorial with example files for mappers. New UMI dev functions to convert RotU waypoints to BTD waypoints and vice-versa. New admin development functions that allow an admin to be given, emplace, delete, and pick up weapon and equipment shops. When they are satisfied with the shop locations, 'Save Tradespawns' will write a new tradespawns file to the server log. Support three non-RotU maps via UMI: mp_prunis, mp_burgundy_bulls, and mp_arkona_osg. We are not distributing these maps--just the files we wrote and the data required to make them run in RotU 2.2.1. You can get the maps from the usual places.




  8. Reign of the Undead 2.2 By Bipo & Mark A. Taff, aka |PZA| SPC Taff

    Reign of the Undead (RotU) version 2.2.0 has been released.  RotU is now open-source software, available at no cost.
    In Novemeber 2012, Bipo, the original developer of RotU, decided to move on to other projects and open-sourced RotU.  I stepped in and created RotU 2.2 based on Bipo's released source, and have created the infrastrucure to develop RotU as an open-source community project.  I'd like to thank Bipo for his past efforts in developing RotU through version 2.1, and also for his support of my efforts to create this open-source project.
    The project website is Code.google.com where you can find the source code, binary releases, tutorials, and report bugs.  This is a community project, and we welcome additional developers, translators, artists, and map makers.
    Bipo still graciously maintains a forum at Forum.heavygunz.net for discussion and community support for RotU.
    The release announcement, including the full changelog, is available at Code.google.com
    The complete changelog is far too big to include here, but some of the major changes in RotU 2.2 include:
    Grenade and minigun defense turrets New in-game admin menu Claymores work New zombie types and special wave types Improved wave system New end-game map voting system New warnings system Many bugs and glitches have been eliminated Wave intermission 'Did You Know' messages Minimap shows location of downed players and player-zombies Auto-spawning now works Ability to have up to 175-200 maps available for voting Most maps made for RotU 1.15, 2.0, and 2.1 work All abilites shown in the UI are now implemented
    Happy zombie killing,
    Mark A. Taff, aka |PZA| SPC Taff


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  9. Reign of the Undead 1.5 By Bipo

    Mod Creator - Bipo
    What's new:
    - Dog Zombies
    - New upgrade and ammo stock system
    - Updated difficulty settings
    Zombie health increase works now Dogs make it harder Difficulty doesn't affect friendly fire anymore Difficulty now affects whether you can get interupted by zombies (ammo/revive/healing) - Improved endgame
    - Last stand bugfixes
    - Turret bugfixes
    - Various bugfixes
    - New special waves!




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