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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter video game


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  2. Rotation #28 25 maps put in rotation 01/17/22 by Pengy map mp_coldfront map mp_mw2_term map mp_blackrock map mp_brokenroad map mp_bridge2011 map mp_cc_night map mp_cgc_crossfire map mp_cuf_gutter map mp_d2c map mp_daybreak map mp_fallen map mp_fsd_witp map mp_de_aztec map mp_broadcast2 map mp_dahar map mp_highrise map mp_hip map mp_gitten_r_done map mp_bo2turbine map mp_hillside map mp_showdown map mp_beta map mp_locality map mp_nvabase2008_final map mp_gvft Server restarted @ 1:38 a.m. EST by Pengy Enjoy!
  3. Rotation #7a 19 maps put in rotation 01/17/22 by Pengy map mp_abandoned_zoo map mp_argel map mp_blackair_v2 map mp_inv map mp_kufah map mp_novoutpost2 map mp_nvabase2008_final map mp_pic map mp_pow_rld map mp_sc_hangar map mp_southfrance map mp_printery map mp_remontna map mp_fr_hv2 map mp_tigertown_v2 map mp_v2_b1 map mp_vukovar map mp_pb_vantive map mp_sand_dogs Server restarted @ 12:38 a.m. EST by Pengy Enjoy!
  4. Rotation #4a 18 maps by Dessy plus others put in rotation 01/10/22 by Pengy map mp_tigertown_v2 map mp_forlorn map mp_mw3_vortex map mp_oldschool map mp_karachi map mp_kk_arena2 map mp_vacant map mp_kabul_moh map mp_arkona map mp_nova_crvenka map mp_atp map mp_d_day_74_night map mp_bog map mp_fabrika map mp_pheasantrun map mp_sbase map mp_noobville map mp_graveyard map mp_doowntown map mp_bo2grind map mp_bungle map mp_ccinn_dawnb1 map mp_arbor Server restarted @ 1:43 a.m. EST by Pengy Enjoy!
  5. Rotation #7 19 maps put in rotation 01/10/22 by Pengy map mp_apesgorod map mp_aquadukt2 map mp_backlotair_b1 map mp_burgandy map mp_overgrown map mp_capture_the_house map mp_destroyed_village map mp_dust3 map mp_creek map mp_eerier map mp_fatal_morgana map mp_forlorn map mp_fr_mgdx4 map mp_fritzfahkre map mp_garena map mp_gvft map mp_hangareturn map mp_incursion map mp_ratroom_v1 Server restarted @ 12:27 a.m. EST by Pengy Enjoy!
  6. Thank you WldPenguin...
  7. Thank you @WldPenguin
  8. Rotation #13 24 maps by Cobrabites put in rotation 01/03/22 by Pengy map mp_4t4scrap map mp_ancient_ultimate map mp_borisbeta map mp_backlotair_b1 map mp_chateau4 map mp_bjwifi_port map mp_deserttown_v1 map mp_docks_n map mp_dustcod4 map mp_shipment map mp_fart_house_v2 map mp_fubar map mp_ffctaksim map mp_hob_second_c map mp_blue_country map mp_homelandsecurity map mp_kamakura map mp_blue_italy map mp_mirage_b3 map mp_overgrown map mp_mohdv4 map mp_nvabase2008_final map mp_powcamp_v2 map mp_qmx_matmata Server restarted @ 9:18 a.m. EST by Pengy Enjoy!
  9. Rotation #6 22 maps put in rotation 01/03/22 by Pengy map mp_argel map mp_ava_crossroads map mp_beltot map mp_bjwifi_toujane map mp_caen map mp_carentan map mp_chateau4 map mp_ctan map mp_docks map mp_dooerte map mp_dustcod4 map mp_ghettostomp map mp_hob_second_c map mp_kabul_moh map mp_lake map mp_lut_gholein map mp_mbdepot map mp_mohaa_dv map mp_montargis4 map mp_nmirage map mp_offices_v3 map mp_osg_studio_2 Server restarted @ 12:53 a.m. EST by Pengy Enjoy!
  10. TurTleSauCe

    Thanks loader / bedankt Pik!
  11. Thank you WldPenguin
  12. Rotation #36 Happy Holidays 2 25 maps put in rotation 12/26/21 by Pengy map mp_naout_s map mp_4nuketown map mp_seatown_snow map mp_creek map mp_rd_xmas map mp_hof_junkyard map mp_fr_hv2 map mp_hangareturn map mp_crash_snow map mp_bo2paintball map mp_compact map mp_beltot map mp_gob_aim_snow map mp_meanstreet2 map mp_vac_2_snow map mp_bacalao map mp_4t4scrap_s map mp_fr_sw2 map mp_coldfront map mp_cgc_crossfire map mp_ardennes_night map mp_agroprom map mp_sbase map mp_hims map mp_voq_snow Server restarted @ 11:55 a.m. EST by Pengy Enjoy! mp_naout_s mp_4nuketown mp_seatown_snow mp_creek mp_rd_xmas mp_hof_junkyard mp_fr_hv2 mp_hangareturn mp_crash_snow mp_bo2paintball mp_compact mp_beltot mp_gob_aim_snow mp_meanstreet2 mp_vac_2_snow mp_bacalao mp_4t4scrap_s mp_fr_sw2 mp_coldfront mp_cgc_crossfire mp_ardennes_night mp_agroprom mp_sbase mp_hims mp_voq_snow
  13. Rotation #25 Happy Holidays 2 20 maps put in rotation 12/26/21 by Pengy map mp_winter_bakaara map mp_forlorn map mp_rd_xmas map mp_kabul_moh map mp_voq_snow map mp_overgrown map mp_vac_2_snow map mp_burgundy_bulls map mp_village_s map mp_broadcast2 map mp_tundra_depot map mp_aosta_valley map mp_fr_hv2 map mp_outset map mp_4t4scrap_s map mp_m_town map mp_summit_xmas map mp_oldschool map mp_pb_iceworld map mp_pipeline Server restarted @ 10:13 a.m. EST by Pengy Enjoy!
  14. Good question @KaptCrunch I dont have a clue it was so weird....
  15. Well it is working now. Ill let you all know if it happens again. Not sure what corrected it.
  16. wierd,,I would have said using the same game but that not the issue...
  17. The problem he has is he and his son can not play on the same server at the same time (port issue ?)...He has a Cd install and his son is running on steam copy...He is direct wired (ethernet) and his son is on Wifi... If he validates files it will revert him to the 1.8 and he will have to roll it back again to 1.7
  18. He has his own stream account. Mine is older than stream.
  19. Do you share your Steam Account so he can play? Or does he have an own account? Edit: Does he hae an own pc, or are you sharing the same pc? In that case, steam might be the problem.
  20. @BeerGoat try revalidating the files in case u don't have a solution yet.
  21. when my son lived here we used to play at the same time on same cd key edit is for @TBB !fu

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