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  2. Twas just a general observation of the kind of thing I have seen in terms of cheaters and what they say. But I suppose I dont know a thing at all about cheaters. Also that South Park is a great show that shows how full of shit the people in society can be and those that will try and justify anything to get what they want or for self-righteous revenge. The history of what happened to Issac Hayes (aka Chef) for example shows what self-described good people (in this case the leaders in scientology) in our so-called 'enlightened' age will do to people if someone says something they dont like.
  3. That sucks (How many will get this?)

    Oh you Fucker Rob, he forgot to tell you he lost them years ago...
  5. In Budmans mouth (But only when he's got his teeth out - I'm not a pervert)
  6. Where do you keep ya nuts Rob
  7. Mandinghino

    I don't think he even knows what he's talking about
  8. lTplkey336

    Sounds kinda Racist to me Sammy , Is that where we are going?
  9. ChknFngr

    Where do you reed this justification ? ok, i do not believe the ' i never fell under the map' thing, i play this game on our servers for many years now, and i did fell under the map on many occasions, We had one map that was designed to go under the map (glad we removed it) Hell i saw a few members under the map last week and some also killed and/or defrosted people. They just get told to stop, they are not banned or anything. so FU 2
  10. we have plenty of servers that stay empty, so set one up for cheaters and i will bet it will stay empty!
  11. Whats even worse is when the justification is 'since everybody can cheat equally its ok if I do it and too bad. And those that choose not to, and lose to those that do, well boo-hoo thats their own fault for not cheating." Its an attitude among young and old alike. There is a great South Park episode with a parody of Stand and Deliver where Cartman is the teacher (how do I teech deez keeeds?). However his solution is not to teach math. His solution is how to be effective cheaters and not get caught. His justification? White people cheat all the time and get away with it so why shouldn't t
  12. Well perhaps it is time there was ?
  13. I don't like cheats they deliberately ruin the game, but I detest pathetic excuses why they are cheating even more, assholes. They live in a world of delusion where they are great players when in fact they are scrotums, don't need them.
  14. In all honesty RobMc you need to do something about your rage i think Rob only Rages if he doesnt get his dinner on time hahah
  15. i always play Drunk on ma days off from work but never kill peeps from under the map if i fall under the map i go spec and rejoin again Simples
  16. Dude. Some advice: You got caught shooting people from under the map. It's not an accident ... You might not want to lecture people here about behaviour seeing what a dick move you got caught doing in game.
  17. 2 Points. Who here is NOT playing drunk?? lol. (I kid.) I also don't think I've ever 'fallen' off a map here and if I did, I wouldn't be shooting people from under. I would be bitching on Chat that I fell off the map and how the heck do I get back! That being said, Mandinko, while being an ass will likely learn from this and not do it again. At least that is my impression of him. If he follows the procedures for getting unbanned, I would give him a final chance. EDIT: His response to my suggestion to give him a chance is FU? I take back what I said. The ass got caught che
  18. Mandinghino

    In all honesty RobMc you need to do something about your rage, it's not good for the blood pressure at your age mate. Intelligent people don't need to use swear words to get the message over, quite the contrary. What makes you think that I would do it again? You have special "Precrime" skills that allow you to catch the culprit before the crime happens? Yes I was caught glitching (absolutely not on purpose and definitely not to cheat) and I agree with you It wasn't nice even though it was a drunken prank but the point here is: a) I've admitted to my mistake and won't be doing it agai
  19. NP mate, ok by me, just remember he confessed to being a naughty boy, because he confessed (never mind the decision) to me he is a cheat, pure and simple. He had the opportunity not to do it, but carried on, Jim had the opportunity to capture it. Now ask yourself truthfully if he had not been caught would he have done it again?, you bet your fucking life he would. Now let me tell you I was one of the first people to get this server going and I play regularly, in all that time I HAVE NEVER FALLEN OFF A MAP OR A GLITCH DESPITE THIS FCKR SAYING HE HAD DONE SO MANY TIMES AND IT WAS COMMON. so
  20. ChknFngr

    sorry to interfere again, u were talking about the drunk part, i wwas talking about the other part, no big deal. And i agree drunk is not an excuse, but we still can take it in consideration. just move on and FU lol
  21. BlackRose

    agreed..there is not a perm ban from 1 incedent
  22. Well Missie way before Chknfngr chipped in I posted this ' 15 hours ago, Kitsune said: Maan I hope it's just a drunken prank My reply -No difference at all, plenty banned for that, drink no excuse, rightly so' So FU I never argued with Chkn about procedures, purely about drink being no excuse against a ban, if you do silly things drunk don't expect sympathy from others, don't drink. and you can speak your mind on what you like here, no problems there.
  23. Just for the record having played Manding on ftag and Mandinghino on dm I have never considered him a cheat, BUT if he was shooting people from under the map that is wrong, he should have more sense.
  24. baldie

    How about we just leave this to the Admins to sort out. I know there is many different opinions right or wrong I was not privy to all that has gone on in the past and try to stay away from drama. But rules must be followed fairly for all, and past arguments of other admins or ex admins should be left out of this it will only muddy the water and cause drama. All I will say is we have all played drunk or incapacitated to some degree and I do not agree that it is an excuse for spoiling the game for everyone else. That being said it is only my opinion and I am not an Admin. I do not kno



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