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she was born 9-19-2010, weighted in at 8lbs 9ozs 21 ins long,

she is the most beautiful little girl,

i am so proud of her.


my baby angel


baby and daddie.jpg


josie and baby.jpg


mommie and daddie at the hospital with baby veroneka payge

there are pictures of holding veroneka in the XI slide,

check them out sometime

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thank you everyone, she is my baby angel, i have sent pictures to rugger to put in the slide so everyone can see me holding my darling little girl,

grammie at last, and yes i kissed those little cheeks like they were little marshmellows, and of course those tiny little feet of hers too, they are so darling when they are that tiny

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Congrats man.

 Like everyone else said. "Look at all of that hair". Grandkids are special, you will have more time for them than you did for your own kids. And you will notice the little things that you do for your grandkids that you couldn't do or didn't think of doing for your own kids. They are all fun, you get to spoil the hell out of them and then you can send them home. Dirty diapers, hell that's for the parents.

I have 13 grandkids, the only time that I can't do much is birthday's and at Christmas, gets spendy, but I love 'em all.

Have fun and enjoy.

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