Talk as much garbage as you want ts channel

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1 hour ago, Timmah! said:

Let's have one.  Got a channel for old, incontinent people;  let's have a channel where we can talk as much shit as we want, while adhering to the no personal attacks, not racism rules.

You're mistaking incontinent and old for players who piss all over you in games :lol: I hear most piss on you? lol

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I'm not trying to push the envelope..but don't come on ts talking about yourself on the regular...and then tell me to stfu,-in not so many words- because the convo doesn't revolve around  you..fuck that...I'll just stay off ts then....on the real...we got 600 members...and maybye 15 get on ts...when I ask the regulars why they don't get on ts...many say...because I don't want to put up with the shit.   Peace.


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