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Newest Member Of The Family!!!

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Bought this baby online sight unseen. The guy I bought it from did not know what he had. This is a limited edition guitar, only 100 were made this year in this style and color and ONLY sold in the Long and McQuade music shops in Canada. it is a 2011 '61 reissue Gibson SG in TV Yellow. I jumped on buying this guitar right away not only for its uniqueness, but also because the lead guitarist of my favorite band Monster Truck has 2 of them he rocks, he is on my facebook friends list and was grumpy I found this one before him AND the price I got it at, If you look it up on Reverb (guitar site) it is listed between 1600-2200 bucks.... I got it for 800! He can be seen playing one in this video (of which you may locate my ugly mug in!)  


My new baby



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Cool guitar. I have a couple stashed away yet but I haven't played in years. I like my hollow bodies :) 


Dad has one that would be worth a few $ if we could track down the rite people. Ever heard of the The Oak Ridge Boys?  They gave dad an old beat up guitar back when they was still doing there gospel quartet church tours around our area in the early 60s.

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17 hours ago, spinpuppy said:

Hey Storm, do these guys ever play in the States?  I'd like to see them if they come close to me here in western PA

Yes they do Spin! I will let ya know when they are heading your way, they are heading for a UK tour here shortly and will be doing Canada and US in 2019

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