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    Collecting arrowheads and Indian artifacts.. softball... bowling.. riding my quad and motorcycles... :) Playing computer games... playing COD with my XI Friends :) Love the Beach !!!!

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  1. Sending lots of prayers to you and your family
  2. I sent him a email on Jan 22nd... he hasn't read it.. I know the last time he was in the server ..he was a little upset when he left... He lives about a hour and half from me... I will see if I can find out anything...
  3. Thanks for all you do Merlin !!! Congrats on 12 years !!!!
  4. Crazygirl is old enough to know better... but to young to resist... LOL
  5. So sorry for your loss ..lots of prayers for your family
  6. Prayers for a speedy recovery !!! Take Care !!!
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