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  1. Half-A-100

    Wow!! Glad to hear she's on the mend.
  2. Half-A-100

  3. Half-A-100

    Great reading guys. What a diverse group of Idiots. I actually freeze for a living. Pipe Freezing that is. Goggle "pipe freezing & Miami Florida" and you should come up on my website with pics if you're interested.
  4. Half-A-100

    Happy Birthday Sally
  5. Half-A-100

    Thanks guys and gals. Ohhh you thought that was my age LOL . . . . Its IQ. You should be calling me half wit or fifty cents. LOL
  6. Half-A-100

    Welcome to the XI Clan
  7. I've heard this before - Being a member can someone send me a pm with the "how to" get on a server that's full when you are a member. If it makes a difference I play the Frz Tag Server #1 the most. Thanks -
  8. Half-A-100

  9. Half-A-100

    Stupid! No brains at all -
  10. Half-A-100

    Your Dad is right COD4 is one of the best - Welcome and Happy New Year!!
  11. Welcome, and prepare to be frozen!! lol
  12. Half-A-100

    Thanks for all the interest. Yes it freezes the liquid inside the pipe solid and it adheres to the pipe forming an ice plug. We have frozen chilled water, fire and domestic water lines. We've also frozen ethlyene glycol and fuel oil at a nuclear power plant. If its liquid - minus 325 will make it solid. As far as fracturing the pipe, mild steel below minus 50 is brittle as glass. Engineers say the pipe will fracture. To date since 1992 the only fractures we've had we made under controled conditions to see what we could get away with. See ya's in the server where may freeze capabilities are limited by my poor aim.
  13. Hey Idiots - I love playing on freeze tag on svr # 1. I thought I'd post my day job which is pipe freezing. If I've done it correctly there's a short You Tube link here. It shows a 24" pipe we recently froze at Miami International Airport in South Florida. The airport requires about 18,000 tons of a/c at any given time. This process allows the airports a/c to remain online while repairs are made to part of their system. Enjoy - http://<iframe width="640" height="480" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/ksG47u7CRXs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>



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