Happy Birthday NITRO

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6 hours ago, NITRO said:

How the hell did i miss this thread lol. Thank you for your bday messages, i did have a great day. :animier::thumbup:

You idiot, i noticed i got a notification from you and clicked to see what it was....a birthday wish about 10 years ago lol where you been m8.:lol:

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Haha :lol: 

I decided to have a break from COD for a while and tried some other games. As a result i got addicted to Counter Strike Global Offensive and that coupled with going back into the mining industry and the rate at which the months fly by everything got away from me, before i knew it i had not played with the clan in ages. 

But as i have made it well known in the past i will never give my tags up no matter what so even though i played a game that was not supported by XI  i still logged in regularly to keep my tags knowing that we would either start supporting it or i would get sick of CSGO eventually and make a return to a clan supported game.

That day is near and i can definately say without a doubt that during my extensive server hopping that XI still has the best people to play and banter with. I will start to frequent the servers again in the near future so please bear with me while i work through being a complete noob again and get use to the different game mechanics :lol:

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It's ok m8, i don't play any games that are supported by XI, if it's not Freezetag or Battlefield it's hard to support any games to be honest, we get servers for games like Rising Storm Vietnam and drop them after a month before we even have time to get a following but keep Battlefield servers that are empty for weeks, i been playing Rainbow Six Siege for nigh on 2 years now...the gameplay leaves most of the games standing that are around at the moment, also been playing Player Unknown Battlegrounds...i am crap at it and already getting bored now, same thing every match jump out of a plane run into houses scavenge for loot and try to survive until the end, blah!.

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