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What Is Rust?

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7 hours ago, BiG CheesE said:

is it a vanilla server?

Yes, it's vanilla. (meaning unmodified to anyone wondering).  I'm looking into the mods to get a feel for the possibilities; As I just started playing 2 weeks ago, I thought it would be a good idea to get familiar with the game before settling on a mod or anything else.  Whatever provides the best value and fun for the most people is where I'm steering.  Any and all suggestions/ advice are welcome.  To that point, I switched from a standard 4k map to a quite smaller 2.7k map in the beginning since there were so few players as of yet; however, within 3 days of advertising the server on several websites & pages, traffic started increasing, with already a few regulars & people mentioning they've favorited the server.  I began asking people who I've seen in the server if they had any suggestions or requests; almost without exception, every one mentioned/requested a larger map.  They felt it was too small to play the way it was meant & that when the server started getting busier over the following weeks, the problem would only increase as it became more crowded, which would result in switching to a larger map.  If this was put off until the end of the month or 30 day period as is standard from what I understand, it would drive people off to other servers with more accommodating map sizes; if the map were to be swapped instead after 2 or 3 weeks, that would also drive people away that had lost those 2 or 3 weeks of invested time.  The best option was to switch the map yesterday, so that people only lost a few days, at most, of progress.  The game is really quite the opposite of COD.  Instead of spawning into a box-sized map with all your guns & ammo, respawning with everything after you die, & the map being over in about 30 minutes... You spawn into a large, expansive map; with nothing but a rock & a torch, having to work to collect the materials to craft your weapons & ammo, outside of looting one from some stash of some sort or icing another player;  if you die, you lose your gun(s), ammo & everything else you had on you, necessitating running back to your body to collect it, if you can; if you weren't killed & looted by another player, which naturally makes you consider your actions more carefully; finally, the map lasts for 30 days, not 30 minutes.  It's then wiped so everyone starts fresh with that map or a new one.  Although some servers are available which don't wipe the map after 30 days.  It's a fun game, that's why there's thousands of servers.  

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Is getting Rust worth it? like buying the game i mean (for those smart alecs out there xD)

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