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Chocolate CAke Topping

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I’m have to whip beat the frosting nail it will stand up like in the picture. 
hen you make this humidity is a killer. S you a using a double boiler to cook it you must have the exhaust fan on o get rid of he humidity. You also should not make this on high humidity day, fog or rain. It is an experience thing making this. It’s tortoise sugar in seconds and be ruined. Sometimes my wife makes it and it turns to sugar, she throws it out and does it again and turns out perfectly. 
Good luck

ps run the beaters quite high to whip air into it. You can’t stop beating it until it’s done. When it’s cooked take the TOP pot off the heat ADD the vanilla and beat it in.

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3 hours ago, WeednFeed said:

AWE looks like you went with canned frosting? What say you? What did yo use? I see half the cake is gone lol!

Good deal!

Yes, I had already settled on toasted coconut & pecan.  Omitted that part to see what people would suggest, & to give the opportunity to imagine it the way they like.   Gonna try that recipe next time; thanks.

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