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  1. I am much shorter than that. I stand at 4 foot 10 inches. Here is a recent photo of me from our trip to Vegas in September. Love to see everyone's answers and photos! Keep them coming.
  2. I was looking through the old "post pictures of yourself" thread. It got me thinking it'd be fun to see how tall everyone here is! Bonus points for including pictures! I'll let you all guess my height before answering.
  3. Rascal

    Bob who?
  4. Rascal

    I just realized as well, the last year award I got was my 4+ year tag.... I've been here for over 13 years now man! Where's the rest of them??
  5. Rascal

    I thought it'd be nice to start a thread where we could all reintroduce ourselves to each other. As many of you know, I've played on these servers for over 12 yeers now. Over those years have been periods of absence when many new idiots have appeared. Now that I've started playing more, I'd like to know more about everyone! I'll start. I'm 25 years old, representing the West Coast from Oregon. I started playing on XI's servers when I was about 12. It was mainly on the old 'freezetag server 2 stock map' server. I grew up here. Eventually with the help Wildthing, Caper & BudSr, I joined the clan as the first junior member. Eventually I finished high shool, went to college. I ended with an associates degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management. Moved my way up through retail positions and currently work as the store auditor at a local retailer. I currently live with my boyfriend of over 5 and a half years. That's the quick notes of me! I'd love to hear from all of you! Where you from? How long have you been apart of XI? Favorite Games? Work? Anything you wanna tell us!
  6. Rascal

    Hi buddy!!
  7. Portland, Oregon area for me. Usually get around 105-115 ping on main east coast server. Getting around 45-55 ping on west coast server. Movement did feel smoother on west server versus east for me. Maybe now east coasters can see what it's like for us?
  8. Rascal

    Congratulations! I've been waiting over 5 years for my boyfriend to do that!
  9. Rascal

    I stopped playing because I did not enjoy that mod at all. I 100% prefer the current mod we have.
  10. Rascal

    I was only 12... xD I remember Wildthing, BudSr & Caper were who helped me get my jr tags so young. Now I'm 24 and STILL play on the COD4 severs.
  11. Rascal

    I work at a Kroger owned store at the customer service counter and do all the payroll for the store..
  12. Rascal

    I'm in Vegas right now
  13. I've checked all the setting for windows (windows 10), all the settings in the device manager. Upgraded all the drivers, uninstalled drivers restarted computer, scanned for new stuff, bumped all the recording levels I could find. And I've done this with 2 different desktop mics... and I tried using just my old headset instead of speakers & mic and even my headset mic was barely picking up my voice! All the obvious options I have already tried.
  14. Tried everything and it still will not work no idea what to do at this point
  15. So I've gotten back into playing on the COD4 servers with the old mod being put back on; the problem is I cannot get my voice chat to work in game. I've tried 2 different desktop microphones and 2 different headsets; the voice chat settings in COD4 do not pick up my voice at all. I've updated sound drivers, reinstalled, messed around with different settings and audio levels, made sure microphone weren't on mute. I've tried it with the USB plug in option and straight into the mic jack. I've tried the newest desktop microphone in Discord and it works perfectly fine there. I've even reached out to my brother who's super into computers and game streaming... I do not know what to do at this point to get any microphone to work with COD4. Anyone have any ideas I may not have thought of yet?
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