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  1. AusiGirl

    Welcome frank to the forums!
  2. weed what have they done to you?Congrats MOD
  3. AusiGirl

    Hey i have been playing 5 years plus...
  4. AusiGirl

    Congrats grampa!
  5. AusiGirl

    trying to find out! still gotta have more tests.
  6. AusiGirl

    oh Ricko so for your loss! we are all here for you.
  7. AusiGirl

    News was not good i have fibrosis
  8. AusiGirl

    Thanks Guys today is the Day!
  9. AusiGirl

    In 2 days i find out if i have liver fibrosis,been wrecking my brain for a couple of months now.Just can,t stop thinking about it and whats gonna happen next..
  10. AusiGirl

    look under the jar?
  11. AusiGirl

  12. AusiGirl

    was not car camping lol,but we had tooo much fun to take a great deal of picks,here is a couple,made a slide for the kids
  13. AusiGirl

    A woman walks out of the shower, winks at her boyfriend, and says, "Honey, I shaved myself down there. Do you know what that means?" The boyfriend says, "Yeah, it means the drain is clogged again."
  14. AusiGirl

    Joke for today
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