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  1. AussieGirl

    Happy birthday!
  2. AussieGirl

    Happy birthday!
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    send me link plz
  5. AussieGirl

    Thank you GG!
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    Welcome to XI Lighting66
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    Welcome to XI Godspawn
  8. AussieGirl

    Happy Birthday!
  9. AussieGirl

    my son lost 2 cars,2 quads,2 ride on mowers and some other stuff in the sheds!luckily the house wasn,t touched.
  10. AussieGirl

  11. AussieGirl

    we are safe! my kids were evacuated at mt Larcum but they couldn,t come south to me or go north they had to go 30 klms to Gladstone. we may lose power due to fires fuel stations are closing down near fires..fire precautions. pray for QLD people. https://www.news.com.au/national/queensland/news/emergency-crews-brace-for-fire-storm-conditions/news-story/ff0b5b6abb18a84cf4ec66c2b17eb35b#.lpx1g
  12. AussieGirl

    lol! timmah
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    Welcome to the forums.