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6 minutes ago, Icequeen said:


Any more depressing songs you can muster, Sweetheart?

How 'bout Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You," while you're bringing us down . . .


P.S. - My buddy, @RobMc, the reason for the edit . . . it's his fault! . . .

Edited by AyaqGuyaq
Run D.M.C. . . .

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2 minutes ago, Icequeen said:

Sorry I'm testy. Broke my arm, and bit a huge hole in my cheek doing so and it got terribly infected so I've legit been miserable on a vacation I finally wanted to take. ?

Sorry, Sweetheart, had no way--NO WAY!!--of knowing.

I hope you heal good and fast, with no remembrance of what happened except for "Cute, little scars, right here, and hmm, right there . . ."

And Ice Queen starts giggling . . .


Hope everything's well.

My buddy, @RobMc, aka "Run D.M.C." is always here to cheer our "Resident Babe" up . . .

cc:  @RobMc . . . Oh Wait, you are right up above . . .

"On-the-wings of a snow, white, dove . . ., whispering pure . . ., sweet, love . . ., on the wings of a dove . . . (background:  "On the wings of a dove . . .), on the wings, of a dove . . ."

(Read "Yoda Voice" post . . .)

"Beautiful and luscious Ladies of >XI<, we have . . ."


God bless you all.

Paul, aka "Ayaq"

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