Monitor busted!

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My LG Flatron W2361V finally gave up after about 8 years of solid use. I am currently using a Blaupunkt TV as a substitute and its garbage. It's amazing the difference in quality despite being the same resolution and screen size. SO, basically looking for recommendations. I intend to buy a new PC soon, so I want to get a monitor that is going to keep up with a decent new gaming rig, but not break the bank.

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Hey Blaze,

I got this in the summer and it is way better than what I had previously :  

I would definitely recommend getting a 144hz monitor if you can, and also a screen with a low input lag. The above monitor knocked a good 25ms off my input lag, basically how fast the game reacts to your movements etc. 

The above screen is a tn panel which isn't quite as good quality as an ips panel, I find it more than adequate though and use it throughout the day for work and also watching films etc. You ideally need to be sitting directly infront of it though, the quality starts to suffer from the sides.

The above monitor has amd freesync as well, but playing cod4 I haven't had to use it. Nvidia have something similar called gsync so bear in mind which type of graphics card you would be getting and if you think you would be using it or not :



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