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Cod4 Hide and Seek event

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Have you played Hide and Seek yet on cod4???
Have you ever wanted to be a trash can hiding from someone?
 A car running down the street??
Nows your chance! This is a hillarous mod on COD4 and we want you to join us for a day of fun!

Server ip
2 times will be set up for everyone to get a chance to play in whatever part of the world you live in. Hope to see you all there!!!
 Also dont forget to get into teamspeak.
Saturday September 21 Starting at 3pm EST -
Atlantic Standard Time (AST),4pm
British Standard Time (BST) , 8pm
 Eastern Standard Time (EST), 3pm
Central Standard Time (CST), 1pm
Mountain Standard Time (MST),12pm
 Pacific Standard Time (PST)12 pm
Australian Central Daylight Savings Time 4:30am

Then will start up again at 8 pmEST
Atlantic Standard Time (AST), 8 pm
British Standard Time (BST) , 1 am
 Eastern Standard Time (EST), 8 pm
Central Standard Time (CST),  7 pm
Mountain Standard Time (MST), 5 pm
 Pacific Standard Time (PST) 4 pm
Australian Central Daylight Savings Time 9:30am

check out this video of ppl playing the mod!!
but its funny to watch


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Sounds fun! Will try and be there........lots of maps have been added since the mod first went up, so if you haven't played it lately, you'll definitely want to check out all the additions sms improvements for even more fun :cool:


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Yes there are ppl on every day usually....hey loco watch that video..can you set it so we can look around like that. Right now we cant look in 3rd person view

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On 9/7/2019 at 1:50 PM, LOCO said:

that video looks like the other hns mod we are running the icore version

as a hider you can toggle 3rd person dont know about seeker

when you go to 3rd person its not the same you cant see other ppl

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