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Dumbass of the Year award

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So @FunkJosh>XI< and @kage were in Team Speak this morning. So we were talking to Funk about how he happy he was that he got the new Modern Warfare! Then he said a couple things that puzzled me. The first was that the next map he is playing is Downpour which struck me funny. The second was the bought the game on Steam! Then we were really puzzled. I was pretty sure it was not available on steam so I looked. Upon looking he bought the wrong game thinking it was the new one. He bought the COD4 remastered version and not the right game! Can't stop pointing at him and laughing! Come on TS and join in! 

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16 hours ago, FunkJosh>XI< said:

Any idea on how much a twat I feel at the minute hahahaha 

Oops. Im surpised that @KillingmanXI managed to do it correctly...we think @EDD THE DUCK @WSMFreak @coolmd

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