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  1. Unchileno

    Well.........Lets throw some fuel into fire. Ancestor talked of times when the MOON was not there in ancient stories. That it was towed or put there by something or somebody.
  2. Unchileno

    What do you think happen after going off on that airplane post? 😏 AGAIN!!!!!
  3. Unchileno

    Happy Bday guys..Have a great day...
  4. Unchileno

    Nice dog brother..
  5. Unchileno

    Typical driving here in Canada
  6. Unchileno


    Wow..Take it easy bro.. Real question here is..How you gonna wipe your ass .. 🤔
  7. After meeting this Idiot . I approved this message. Well done Harry..👏
  8. Unchileno

    Lool. Maybe next time ..beeech
  9. Unchileno

    Coool..I will be watching fker..Have fun and good luck.. Try to slip XI somewhere in there.. lol P.s. Are you sure is not " How can I beeech ?" 🤔
  10. Unchileno

    lol @J3st3r
  11. Thank you..I want to see how good this fkers are now with out that gun. Looking at you Exe, Ripper...Quint... I see a few rage quitters in the future..
  12. Unchileno

    This is what makes this place FKING awesome.. Gj @codpiece
  13. Unchileno

    Why is a Cod4 Admin kicking and banning people in Cod5? Or is just a misunderstanding?