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Some update on my situation

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my mother in law is coming out to visit next week, so hopefully after she visits we will move into the house from my dad's house. gunna be a lot of repairs needed to the house before we can buy beds to sleep inside the house. we still have our RV and will sleep in the RV while we stay at the house. if anyone wants to help that would be great since it would be just be mostly me working on the house during the day while kids are in school and after they are done with their homework they will be my little helpers.

got some carpet out of the house and hubby found more leaks that the repair man missed. he has been trying to get a hold of that guy to get him to come back out and work some more on it. along with so much more crap that needs to be done.

while we had our RV at my step sisters house, it was shot at by some asshole with a bb pistol so we gotta get the windshields patched up. we got it moved to our house. we cant wait till the big day till we are all over there and my kids have a bit more freedom compared to here at my dad's.

i myself is holding my breath, I am also having major withdraws of playing COD games and WoW. my laptop cant handle it plus stuck on wifi. gaming on wifi blows chunks big time especially my dad's wifi router setup.

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Well i have moved into my house couple weeks ago. trying to get my desktop set up but gotta wait till the power supply for my monitor comes by mail/fedex/ups this monday. Then HOPE that my desktop tower still functions correctly at its last known best. I still get black screens on it... just hope i can get an updated system tower someday soon.


a lot of shit needs to be added and replaced in this house in appliance wise. fridge lost its charge or is broken. the dryer wont rotate but it powers on and clock runs down fast. washer is barely hangin on and screams when it is doing a spin drain but it still gets clothes washed. So I am doing laundry everyday cause i gotta hang dry my family's laundry. fun fun huh? NOT! The water heater is SHOT cause the circut board for it to control the heater and all did a couple LOUD pops when hubby turned the switch on for it outside.

people kept telling us SELL YOUR RV! I said no we cant, it has propane to cook food, and working water heater to take a shower in it, not gunna sell it while we build our money back up a little for each thing. and every time we get just enough money built up to buy something that we need to replace our stuff the fucken car breaks down. first its the tires, then its the alternator now its the fucken radiator.

We had to move out of my dad's house all suddenly cause he smacked my youngest face leaving a scratch mark and a bruise on his corner jaw line. i have zero tolerance to hitting kids in that kind of behavior. my dad is stuck in the old old days who believes beating the shit out of your kids is better punishment. but he never did that to me or my brother when we were little which makes me go hmmm why now with my kids

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