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Ok 23 members to this club at this point. Is XI planning to jump on this game and have a server?

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I hesitating to pre-order BF5 only because I like to follow a community, not buying a game that is marginally supported by the community.

Is there an XI server brewing, ready to take of when BF5 hits the ground?


I think Insurgency got an intimate relationship with donkey spheres...and COD....well is there a lot of XI going to buy Blops 4?

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Good point Boss....I just want to avoid making a mistake by pre-ordering a darn game that doesnt bring communities together. Looking forward to see where XI crowds will move-on to next...

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21 hours ago, Ruggerxi said:

Do we have 100% confirmation that there will be dedicated servers to rent yet, last I heard there was no news on dedicated servers

NO and there wont be any in a interview last month one of the DICE devs said there wont be RSP  at launch  .so if there was any chance of getting some kind of server control thats  (like bf4) a no no.


Will we host  a BF5 server NO ONE knows  if it is the same setup as BF1 we will probably try  but it will end up the same way as BF1  dead within a year .


not very positive  you must think true but realistic we seen it with BF1  we played it  as a group but most  did not  like it at all 

1. server settings  just plain bad in bf1

2.hard to control the server only name change so ours is just like the rest .

3. 10 vs 10 start mode  even sometimes we could not get 6 vs 6 to get it started

4. admins no options  ingame only kick or ban but no specmode  had to quit game  to rejoin as spectator.

5. platoons or play with friends even with bf1  its stil in beta  BF5 beta was a disaster trying to play with friends

6. the old days are gone  bf series is just like cod know  we play for a year and then move on too the next.


the things i mention here is what happend to us with BF1  we had a 64 slot  server that was good and  easy to start.  it was full when we wanted to  start it , 6 vs 6 

The problem with it was  its just the same as all the other ones out there!  if there wil be a server rental program EA DICE  is not going  to let the system go as they introduced in BF1.

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