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Windows 10 updates

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Stupid €=×=$^*¥8€×37  windows 10.

I am getting an error and can't fix it. 

( not a Pc guy anyways) 

Won't allowed me to log in, and auto repair won't work.

Google it and looks like one of updates it's fuck.

Latest update does not fully load so pc can't restart windows as file is missing.

It's telling me to reset pc but back up files into another hard drive. Wtf.

Just wondering if any one here has that issue.

Sorry on phone. 

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Maybe it comes from bunny hopping? hahahaha

No, sorry. Maybe the link will help


Or install Win 10 new with the MediaCreationTool Version 18362.207. Hope you have your Windows key or the digital license.

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I try that video before I posted.  That's why I try. But still nothing.

It tells me access denied.  Kinda like when I was 18.  Lol

It looks like I might have to reset pc, but need to back up files. I read some of comments and even  if I click on save files. They will get erased.

Windowd was a free update so NO cd.

Might have to pay some one to do it.

Might have to wait as yesterday I got  nail by fking cop for holding my phone to charge while stopped at light. Fker got me for a 615 dollar ticket.

Fking thieves. 

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