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Heyup Lads OliKills Here!


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Hello there,

May I introduce myself, I go by the name of OliKills, born in the UK and moved to France when I was 3.

OliKills is the name I chose back in 2008 playing Medal of Honor Heroes 2 on Wii when I was 8 years old. I've done a lot of gaming since, continued on Wii for a long time playing WaW, then The Conduit, I used to play competitive on those games... yes believe or not that was a thing on Wii haha. Anyway, I then moved on to the grownups console, the ps3, where I played a lot of BLOPS and bought CoD WaW on that too... fast forward to 2013, when I built my first PC and that's where the real shit went down, no more fiddling with the thumb sticks, pin point mouse precision, I was hooked. 

Love retro gaming, certainly late 90s and early 2000s games, and you can get all of them on PC, what a joy.

I've always been competitive in my gaming, trying to be the best you know, but most of all, having a great close game, that's the best feeling in gaming, win or lose. A game that quells my competitive itch these days is Battalion 1944, a rebirth of the good'ol Cod 2 and CoD4 Promod era, the community is small, but the players are insane. Very enjoyable if you like a heart pounding S&D game. Other than that I roam around old games, they always have the best communities, hence why i'm here.

Love your DM server, and me being a sucker for custom maps, it was obvious i would eventually hop in (ping drove me away)... That said, seeing the amount of Eu players, it begs the question of an EU server... Though I understand it splits the friendships :( but I guess that's just my competitiveness speaking, where ping is important... Just a thought, and i know they don't come cheap running these servers..

Anyway that's all from me, love what you guys are doing for the game, and keep it up, I'll see you in the trenches!


PS : I'll configure my mic next time ;)

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Hi OLI you certainly can KILL :) Thx you registered here as I invited you to do..great to have you in the XI forums ;)  

I understood you also play COD2, we have 2 servers for that maybe you can have a look in there as well?

PS: I live in Amsterdam and do not need a European server to kill you, thats easy lol;)

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