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  3. Lunkster

    Feliz cumpleaños mujer hermosa
  4. Hunter

    Happy Birthday Roxy and hoping you have a really good.
  5. LaRSin

    Happy Birthday and have a great day
  6. Today
  7. A simple logic puzzle... Took 5 minutes but quite simple really


    mais de quoi parle t il? LOL

    happy b day cochon lol
  10. Mazdarati

    Happy Birthday 🎂
  11. Power!

    Happy Birthday🎁🎆
  12. Desperate now not to be in the 98 club, darling Pink will never shoot me again? ( good luck Pin ), where do I find this bloody fish?? Broke out my fly rod, and loaded for bear, only trout it's ever seen is the old one upstairs snoring her head off, quick cast in the houses produces nothing, although I hooked some strange items in the pink one. The guy in the white house lost his cool at the delay in his wall, promised him a golf course, seemed to work? Have I got the right fly ?, should I swap to spinners ?? Is the clue deceptive, is it not a fish but a whale ?? think it would be easy to spot wouldn't you Is it an eel ???
  13. New rig is all set up. I had to reinstall a few things due to new OS on the SSD....Origin was not cooperating at first and EA support tried their best to help, best solution to avoid a massive fuckabout is just reinstall everything. I cant believe how much faster everything is loading from the SSD! I really thought it was a sales pitch at first, now I'm looking at how much it will be to get a 2 TB SSD..... I'll let you into a secret, it's a lot!! Anyway, some pics of the new set up, on my old desk still 🙄, for you to enjoy. 👍😎 P.S. I can't bring myself to remove the plastic film off the glass panel.
  14. AyaqGuyaq

    Hey, Sweet Roxanne, happy birthday!! Now maybe you can turn down that lime light? @RobMc, buddy, it's "lime light," not "Limey light." Just a point of clarification, sir. Lol. Ayaq
  15. I knew it would be difficult to do this in the uk I'm in trouble with the police for racism, apparently Swedes, Norwegians etc do not accurately depict the ethnic mix, been given a week to sort it out The temperance society are petitioning the street objecting to the beer drinking, the local tree hugger insists that the milk is goats, the man who drinks water insists on bottled. Tea is deemed to be too much a stereotype and we have compromised with ginseng, coffee cost so much I substituted chicory essence, now they won't drink it. The local feminist movement are objecting to the fact that all the people involved are men, ASH are objecting to the publicity given to smoking and the risks to health involved. This contradicts the actions of most of the feminists who seem to favour a tobacco strain called 'Old Shag'. The man in the pink house is receiving unwelcome attention from hecklers, the paint is running in the blue house, the man in the white house wants a wall The food bill for the animals is stupendous, two of the cats have disappeared, we suspect the local take away. Pretty sure I've nearly solved it Is it a small mouthed bass ???
  16. Icequeen

  17. LOCO

    Happy Birthday
  18. Cotton

    Happy Birthday Counselor. Hope you have a great one! Cotton.
  19. Happy Birthday!

  20. Ruggerxi

    XtremeIdiots would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. Roxy! (42)
  21. At least there aren't any chem-trail posts in here... yet.
  22. J3st3r

    That was @iboomboom He was late for boom booms with the old lady.
  23. Zappy

    Worst shit is all these peeps driving like they are running from eminent Nuke drop 100 mile an hour all the while posting on facebook via phone sheesh!! New law ! Shoot them on site and our world would be a safer place 🌎
  24. Evil-Monkey

    Thanks for the share. I will be going when they come to Madison ill. a buddy and me have been going ever since they started coming to the st.louis area. They will be here at the end of September . It has to be atleast 15 or more years lost track some years ago
  25. Timmah!

    not 'slow drivers'... slow drivers who drive in the leftmost lane... may those drivers blow a transmission!
  26. Sammy

    Much of the time, those that complain about slow drivers think they are indy car drivers... on public roads... and the rest of us are just in their way. I've seen people do some really dangerous and stupid shit because they think the traffic laws are optional. Too fucking bad if I am too slow. 🖕
  27. JoeCamel

    Wow a whole basket full...your parents must have been pretty bored in May! Happy Birthday!
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