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One day Boomer and I were poking in the chat room a couple years ago. He asks me to jump in his server and test out a map. I get connected and jump in and start looking around. It is the ferris wheel map. As I walk around looking for him bam... I die. 


This goes on for a bit. I was laughing my butt off. He had to be up the wheel but I could not see him and had not idea how to get up that bastard. 

So I run around and jump... look at the work dodging  his bullets. More fun making people miss in COD2 then you hitting them but I can only go so long. hahhaha. He gets me good though and I still have no idea where he is at. 

Then he jumps down and we play for a bit. It was funny..... he had it planned out all along.

I know that SOB#2 is pointing down at all of us waiting to shooting us when we are not expecting. 

You did it Boomer. You fulfilled one of your goals. You died XI.

I will miss you brother........ in flesh only.   

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I knew Boomer as he landed in XI   Had many fun times on the server as well as in TS. He was a map maker and did ones Just for XI. You will be missed more than you can imagine. May the lord take you in and rid you of your pain and May heart felt prayers go out to your Family and Friends. A truly good man!!!!

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