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I need YOU!

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Hello members of XI!

I am doing a research project and I would like to ask for your input. The survey has 21 multiple choice questions and takes somewhere between 5-10 minutes on average to complete (longest record so far is 27 minutes and shortest is about 30 seconds). It is implemented in Novi - survey service Edinburgh Napier university uses.

The questionnaire is about video games market from customer - gamer - perspective: where they are bought from, what is considered good value and added value when considering games, how game modding is perceived amongst gamers. 

All information is anonymous and will be destroyed once the research project is complete (by May 2018). Participation is voluntary and you can withdraw any time (although I would ask you to finish the survey).

I understand that survey is not an exciting thing to do, but as a fellow gamer I have high hopes for your help and cooperation ;) any comments or questions - fire away, I'll be here at least once a day to answer ;)

Hope you'll find some time to help me out with this one ;)


The survey can be found here: https://survey.napier.ac.uk/n/zz3pe.aspx 



Huge thanks Ruggerxi and JAYsus_NL for help and support!

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35 minutes ago, L!ckALotAPus said:

ok I did it but you will not like my answers ;) and it needed a comment place ;)

Thanks! I assure you - I appreciate all answers leading to a completed survey :D

I totally agree that the design has quite few shortcomings, main ones being no text-boxes to enter answers and no option to select/name physical games vendors... sadly it's too late to mend it now since it's been launched :( 

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7 hours ago, TBB said:

DONE   - where's my beer????

Thanks TBB! we'll definitely arrange beer or a nip once you're in Scotland or I'm in States ;) 

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57 minutes ago, JohnnyNashville said:

Done, will the results be published?



Thanks Johnny!

The survey is done for dissertation but I doubt if would be deemed good enough to be published in any kind of serious journal. 

If you or someone else are interested in survey results or anything else in connection I am more than happy to share :)



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