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Been asked to do an intro 😃 Old sens has only been with you since 2014 (Feb) I thought all you guys would by now know the most skilful deadly good looking player on the servers 🤭 Most of you die by his hands 🤔

Well this is the intro 🙌 🥳 

He is billy no mates apart from ( Wildthing) maybe be a few others. Lives on own 😢 no lie he lives with his Fav Girl Kuma means Bear in Japanese  amazing Akita, gentle loving calm has had many more pics taken of her then ?? Wait for it OLD SENS. (No idea why)


Old sens now 99 so when playing all bare that in mind he can't run as fast as you lot and eyes are bad , so maybe you could be nice and shoot to miss 🤨.

Sens has been asked about Senzei name, well just in case no one has worked it out he is actually a Sensei in his arts.
Loves Martial Arts and has been teaching since he was 18 (thousands of years ago).
Loves his dogs or dog as he only has 1 left. The virus as with thousands/millions of others has  ruined his business and just hopes 2021 changes and all can look forward to getting our businesses and lives back.

Also was a keen motorcyclist Goldwings BMW Yamahas etc, but can't get Kuma on rear seat and as she is with me 24 7 a car was needed 🙄

Loves F.T great servers Love the banter I have with several of the clan, as you know you kill old sens you are a TART.

If anyone wants more info about old sens/kuma please ask. 

PIC BELOW  IS me WITH Steve Collins (boxer for those who do not know and the one and only Kuma.

Anyway I think that is enough about your loving old Sens Happy Xmas all


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2 off
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3 hours ago, TBB said:

Welcome to the Forums - at least the dog is cute!   :db:

They say dogs take and look like owners so sens is cute 

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18 hours ago, Sourtap said:

Sensei you old fart! Welcome to the forums, always enjoying playing with you! :cheers:

I know mate you dream of being as good 😆 senzei deadly finishings  skills you can only dream of you TART🤫 

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