The time has come! :D

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Ladies and Gentlemens!


This is Skyler the HUNgarian kid! I am not new on XI but I never introduced myself. I am 33, man, from the East side of Hungary! Hungary! not hungry! :D but I am alwasy hungry for some defrosting. I play on XI defrost servers since 2012, but I only registered in 2013. This is my fav COD 4 mod. Sorry if my ping sometimes not the best, but when I am in my workplace I have to use a danish server from my country. There are a lot of „old” friends here from the beginning of my defrosting career. In the past I was a teacher but I do not like it… (children, parents etc. :D) so nowaday I am a safety specialst in one of the biggest toy factory :D  And one more thing…. I’m just learning english language, but I try to improve day by day. Please be patient! ;)

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