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GEN_Morgan Introductions

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Hey All-

Been a regular on the Freeze Tag and Free for All sites and decided that I should join up and in appreciation of all the great people here and the great games.  I have been a FPS gamer since the original COD.  Have them all on CDs.  Got into Multiplayer gaming with COD2 and joined the now extinct, American Generals Clan...hence the name GEN_Morgan.  The rules there were you had to take a former US General Name as your user name when you joined the clan and I took mine from General Daniel Morgan, a legendary sharp shooter and guerilla fighter from the US revolutionary war.  The movie "The Patriot" is very, very loosely based on Daniel Morgan and the Battle of the Cowpens for you history types.   Speaking of, I am a WW2 history nerd and have seen most movies on the subject and have a pretty extensive book collection as well.  Love the XI group here and have met and gamed with many cool people from all over the world.  Best memory so far is being called a "Poxy Plank".  Best put-down I have ever heard.  Many of you can figure out who that came from.  Glad to be here and hope to join up.  Cheers and thanks for the opportunity.


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